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Free Introduction call

This call is for both of us to talk and see if we are match to work together, i will be happy to answer any question you have and listen to your needs :)

Free · 20 minutes

Shadow Work, Intuitive healing or Completion Process session

In your private session you can choose what you like to do or work on. Usually my clients need emotional support at difficult situation that make them feel lonely, stressed, sad, depressed, angry, or overwhelmed and couldn't find resolution to it. Or they feel stuck and ask for guidance and how to go out of the rat wheel. In this session i used my intuitive scales in Meditation, Completion process, Shadow work, part work and other helpful tools. The price for one session that usually take 90 min is 99 $ (only for limited time) , in case of deep emotional work (completion process) that can't be cut due finding resolution and integration, I charge 50 $ per extra hour instead of new session. divided by 30 min, I leave 10 min extra is free of charge :)

Starting at $99 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Twin Flame session with me and Miia

We all attract partners that trigger our deepest wounds and traumas. This is not a bad thing, but simply an opportunity to heal and transform the relationship into a true soul partnership. Every argument and every painful situation is an opportunity for us to heal that which is causing us to feel pain. This is why relationships are the ultimate opportunity to HEAL. The key to creating a true soul connection with our partner is to deeply feel and understand both our own triggers and traumas, and also those of our partner. In the Twin Flame session we unravel the cause of our triggers and expose our unconscious beliefs. We build a new foundation based on honesty, authenticity and deep understanding in order to experience true soul connection.

Starting at $99 · 1 hour

Ram Alsaman

Ram is an intuitive coach, since 2016 he been holding space for workshops, spiritual events and retreats that changed the life of many people. After studying business information technology and working for the United Nations in Switzerland he decided to follow the path of the heart and share what he learned in the last 10 years in Ananda Marga as participant and a yoga and meditation instructor, as well as emotional healing and shadow work from Teal Swan. You can reach me by Email : or by whats app on my German number +49 1575 177 3525 (Not the us number)