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At Diet-icious, the focus is on quality information, sustainable practices and a pleasurable experience. As a dietitian, I am convinced that eating needs to be delicious, nutritious and comprehensive to sustain a healthy lifestyle. That’s why all recipes are developed, tested, tried, revised and tested again before I post them. That’s why no two meal plans I develop look alike. That’s also why I do all the scientific literature review in the background and only present crucial information in a comprehensive and digestible way.
Having worked for the biggest food service provider in the US, I not only bring knowledge and experience in developing nutritious meal and wellness programs, but also know how to position your program in the marketplace to attract customers, clients and talent.
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Our Services

Personal Nutrition Training
One-on-one nutrition training where we'll first talk about your health history and eating habits; then we'll talk about what you want to achieve and when; finally we'll discuss what will help you achieve those goals and formulate a detailed plan for you. Prior to meeting, I'll ask you to keep a food log for a few days that you'll bring to the appointment. After we met, we'll keep communicating on a regular basis via a channel of your choice where you'll have the opportunity to snap pics of your meals and receive feedback from me to help you keep on track.
Follow-up Session
After an initial nutrition training, we'll meet to track your progress, make changes to your personalized nutrition plan and discuss any challenges you have. After we met, we'll keep communicating on a regular basis via a channel of your choice where you'll have the opportunity to snap pics of your meals and receive feedback from me to help you keep on track.
Shopping Training
An hour of shopping with tips and tricks from me. Based on the nutrition plan formulated for you in a personal nutrition training, I'll walk the grocery aisles of a store of your choice with you to identify options that are good for you, to help you understand nutrition facts labels, to compare items in terms of nutritional content, and for general shopping tips and tricks that help you achieve your goals.
Personal Cooking Class
One-on-one cooking class where we'll prepare recipes of your choice, learn how to make ingredient substitutions, and discuss meal prep, goals and challenges.
Nutrition 101 Workshop
General nutrition workshop for groups of any size. In this interactive workshop you'll learn about the basics of balanced nutrition, what amount of what is right for you and tips to help you balance your nutrition towards a better nourished you. Limited topic flexibility. For more specific interests, please book the "Specific Interest" workshop.
Workshop: Specific Interest
A nutrition workshop for shared interest groups. Prior to the workshop we'll discuss the topic of interest, group composition and workshop goals. I'll then put together an interactive workshop based on the group's specifics. Suggested time frame is at least an hour. Please book at least a week in advance giving me enough time to deliver the best workshop for your group. Prices range from $20-$50 per person, depending on the group's size.
First Corporate Consultation
Are you looking for individual nutrition assessments and counselling, recurring nutrition lunch and learn sessions, nutrition and wellness challenges, peer group moderation, nutrition fairs, meal and snack program design, or a full-blown corporate nutrition program? Let's talk about what I can do for your organization or school! The first consultation is free!

Our Staff

Marlene Schoepf
As a dietitian and food service marketing professional, I have years of experience in personal nutrition counselling, meal and wellness program design, and food marketing. I love everything about food - reading about it, preparing and eating, staging and taking pictures, strategizing and developing plans around it.