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Free Consult

If you need to speak to the artist before your appointment in person you can book a consult. We do not guarantee artwork before tattoo day with this type of appointment. Click other consult if needed.

Free · 20 minutes

Piercing Adult

Booking for Piercing Consultation with intent to complete service. Based on anatomy and piercing desired we may not be able to do what you wish due to healing constraints and safety. But we will do our best to redirect you to something that you would love just as much! Email for pricing information :)

14 Options

Piercing Minor

Piercings are always anatomy dependent so we will tell you at the time of the appointment if it is possible or we have to figure something else out. ALL MINORS NEED A PICTURE ID, BIRTH CERTIFICATE OR INSURANCE CARD, (guardianship proof) AND PARENT PRESENT WITH THEIR ID ALSO!! (If last names and addresses match on the ID we can skip the proof of guardianship)

6 Options

Merchandise or Aftercare sale

To help prevent the spread of any illnesses we ask that you make an appointment for time with our sales team. As we are all the same people that provide services as well.

15 minutes

Consult with Pre-drawing guaranteed

We charge a drawing fee for custom artwork. This guaranteed a drawing at least 2 days before the appointment with time for small changes or reschedule. You are paying for the drawing time here not for the tattoo. This is non-refundable.

$50 · 30 minutes

Within Month Touch Up Tattoo Session

Price Varies · 30 minutes

Minimum size tattoo

Minimum price. Final price to be determined by artist based on size, and details. This will be discussed before the tattoo is done.

3 Options

Medium tattoo

Priced per piece. Usually simple detail hand sized or smaller

6 Options

Quarter day

Up to 3 hours/ medium size with heavy details.. May not take full time, price based on complication of piece

4 Options

Half Day/ Large scale with heavy details

This is a time estimate based on large NON-HOURLY PRICED pieces. Variable price to be discussed by artist.

5 Options

Full day

All day anywhere from 7-9 hours. Depending on how much we have accomplished.

$1,000 · 8 hours



Jay-Rock charges by piece and hourly depending on what it is. Final piece will be priced in person.


Jeff B



Kimberly is appointment only, she will contact you via email or text to inquire about details for the appointment. A further consultation may be required depending on the piece.


Piercers, Pat and Shelly