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Pre-Purchase (Buyer) Inspections

Buying a home is a stressful process, full of ups and downs. It's easy to become attached to a home before you've bought it, making it difficult to see problems clearly. That is why it's wise to bring in an unbiased inspector with specific training to assess the condition of the home. By knowing the issues and shortcomings of the house you can avoid surprises later and rest easy in your decision.

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Pre-Listing (Seller) Inspections

While home inspections are typically used by home buyers, you — as the seller — also have a lot riding on this transaction. Re-negotiations after an inspection may result in you needing to make repairs, a reduction in the price, or if more serious issues are discovered, revocation of the offer from the seller. Put yourself in a stronger position for negotiations, and maximize your sale price, by having your home inspected before listing it on the market. If you choose to make repairs before listing, you'll have plenty of time. Fix issues at your leisure, with no looming deadlines.

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New Construction (Phase) Inspections

A brand-new home doesn't necessarily mean well built. New doesn't even guarantee good. Houses are built by people, and not all houses are built to the same standards. When you buy a new construction home without an inspection, you're placing yourself at the mercy of the people who built it. A new construction inspection allows you to catch construction issues early, before they become major problems down the road.

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Home Maintenance Inspections

You can think of an annual home maintenance inspection as a preventative maintenance inspection, or a doctor's checkup, but for your home. A home maintenance inspection is designed to look for routine maintenance or repairs that may have been missed or any seemingly minor problems with the home that could become major financial or safety issues. The objective of the home maintenance inspection is to keep the systems in your home running smoothly and to save you time — and money — in the future. After your inspection, you'll receive a summary of your home's condition, with recommendations and helpful tips to keep it in great shape. We recommend performing a home maintenance inspection once a year.

Variable Price $175 · 3 hours

11th Month Builder Warranty Inspections

Our Builder’s Warranty Inspection gives you a comprehensive understanding of the condition of the property across many major categories: Exterior, Roof, Structure, Water Control Systems, Insulation and Ventilation, Interior, Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, Fuel Services, Appliances and Environmental Systems. We provide you with specific recommendations and next steps. We also provide you with a detailed punch list that you can present to your builder. The punch list documents items that need to be replaced/repaired before your new home warranty expires.

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Baltimore County Rental Inspection

Perform the Baltimore County Rental Inspection and provide the required form.

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Pre-Offer Consultation (Walk & Talk)

Don’t have time for an extensive home inspection? Schedule a one-hour consultation with one of our licensed inspectors to point out any major problems. Or if you are facing a competitive bidding process consider this quick check for any potential show-stoppers. Our Pre-Offer Consultations are a time-saving, low-cost option when a full home inspection isn’t needed. This consultation provides the buyer with rapid understanding of the home and its problems before placing an offer! These evaluations do not include a written report, so be sure to bring a notepad.

$260 · 1 hour

House Wash

Standard Exterior Home Cleaning, does not include: sidewalks, decks, driveways, ancillary buildings or structures. Dirt, Algae, Mold & Mildew Growth. This handful of unsightly contaminants can ruin the exterior of your home or building. Uptown Property Pros can safely remove these contaminants with our expert house pressure washing service that poses no risk of damage to your home's exterior or landscaping. We clean all types of surfaces including vinyl and aluminum siding, brick, stucco, and much more.

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Surface Cleaning

Sidewalk, Patio and Driveway wear and tear can make your property look untidy. With our surface cleaning service, we can bring your driveway, patio or sidewalk back to life. We can also seal the surfaces to provide an added layer of protection. You never knew your exterior flatwork could look so clean until you called us. Be the envy of the neighborhood with a professional driveway cleaning from Uptown Property Pros. We always provide “Treated” clean, using a growth-killing solution and surface cleaner process that brightens and removes buildup for a lasting clean.

2 hours 30 minutes

Outdoor Structures

1 hour

Barbie Box Rental

$200 · 6 hours

Al Durant

As your Inspector, it is my duty and privilege, to provide you with all of the information you need to make informed decisions regarding your property. Whether your property is residential, commercial, resale, or new construction, your safety is my number one priority. By implementing time-tested inspection best practices I am able to provide comprehensive reporting that will clearly distinguish between major and minor problems, while offering mitigation solutions that will help you put things into perspective. With an Executive MBA, and nearly 15 years of project management, construction and facilities operations experience in the private sector, I have the experience, knowledge and skill necessary to conduct a thorough assessment of your property and to provide you with an extraordinary customer experience.