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Please be sure when booking your appointment to select either a blow-dry or haircut in addition to your service. Thank you!
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Our Services

Book a consultation prior to any major color changes, or if you have questions or concerns that should be addressed prior to your appointment! Consults are complimentary and encouraged!
Consultation, Haircut and Style. After your first haircut, you are eligible for complimentary bang trims!
Haircut - Extra Long / Thick Locks
Consultation, haircut, and styling. After your first haircut you are eligible for complimentary bang trims!
Bang Trim
After your first haircut with Ashley, bang trims are complimentary.
Consultation & Desired Blowout. Blowouts do not include hot tools. Hot tools and braiding are an additional $10. <3 - please leave a note if you would like hot tools after your blowout.
Hot Tools
Includes use of Curling Iron, Flat Iron, and/or Wand to create your desired look. Can be added to a blow dry appointment or you can come in with your hair prepped and dried. Timing and price subject to increased based upon desired look.
You can have your hair freshly washed and wet braided or come in with dried hair and request desired braid. You can also book this in addition to a blowout.
COLOR - Root Touch Up
Color at roots only. Does not include gloss. Up keep recommended every 4-6 weeks.
COLOR - Root Touch Up with Gloss
Color at roots, includes gloss service to refresh ends.
COLOR - Root Touch Up, Few Foils, Gloss
Color at roots, including a few highlights of lowlights to add in some dimension! Also includes gloss service to refresh ends.
COLOR - Mini Root Touchup
Root Touch Up applied to part and hairline. Perfect for the guest who needs a quickie touchup between full color appointments.
COLOR - All Over Color
Includes permanent color applied roots to ends on dry hair. Pricing subject to increase based upon consultation. Typically for clients who are looking to go all over darker, and looking for longevity. All color appointments include finish, subject to increase if haircut is requested instead of style.
Highlights or Lowlights recommended for the guest that wants a minimal amount of dimension added! Perfect for someone looking for a pop around their face or a few sun kissed pieces throughout. Dimensional color includes Balayage, Foiling, Teasy lights, Foilayage, etc. GLOSS ALWAYS INCLUDED with this service.
Highlights, Lowlights or both! Recommended for the guest that wants a bigger change or is touching up a previous partial highlight. Dimensional color includes Balayage, Foiling, Teasy lights, Foilayage, etc. GLOSS ALWAYS INCLUDED with this service.
DIMENSIONAL COLOR - The Whole Shibang!
For the guest who is looking for a major change. Highlights, Lowlights or both! Typically, almost all the hair will be changed in this service. Dimensional color includes Balayage, Foiling, Teasy lights, Foilayage, etc. GLOSS ALWAYS INCLUDED with this service.
COLOR Surgery
Color correction! This is for the guest who needs very delicate attention. Typically this service involves multiple steps and formulations to achieve desired result. A thorough consultation is required prior to any color correction appointments to evaluate hair health, and processes required. Cost of service includes correction, gloss, Olaplex treatment, and finish.
Fantasy Colors
In order to book a fantasy color please be sure to book a consultation first. We will go over the initial health of your hair to determine whether or not your hair will be okay for this process. We will also go over the timing and the price.
Glosses are applied at the sink on freshly shampooed hair. Can be used as a toner, to refresh color on ends, and to add moisture & shine. Recommended maintenance 4-6 weeks. Does not include finish.
Hair Therapy
Add a treatment to your service or in between appointments to help your hair stay healthy and add shine! This service does not include a finish.
Keratin Treatment
GK Keratin Treatment. Service includes keratin, take home GK Shampoo and Conditioner, and follow up blow dry 48-72 hours after initial appointment.
Makeup Application
Includes lashes. Airbrush available on request for an additional $15.
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