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New Client Consultation

All new clients are encouraged to schedule a free 15 minute (or less!) phone or video consultation. There is no obligation to book a session! We will be able to discuss your needs, current Covid safety practices, and to answer any questions you may have. I look forward to chatting with you!

Free · 15 minutes

Holistic Massage

Select this service for a massage in the Union Square office space. After a followup intake and discussion of current concerns, you will be treated to an integrated massage session using techniques from a variety of styles and tailored to fit your specific needs.

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Holistic Massage (First Time Client)

First time clients receive an extended appointment on their initial booking! Your first session includes a 15-minute window to talk through your health history and goals for your massage experience. Book this session if it is your first time scheduling with Metropolitan Mystic.

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Prenatal/Postpartum Massage (Union Square)

Prenatal massage focuses on addressing the special needs of an expecting mother while taking into account the constant changes happening in her body. Due to increased blood volume during pregnancy, all sessions will take place in either side-lying or reclined rest position.

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Brogan Wikarek

Brogan is a strong believer in the healing power of caring, therapeutic touch. He combines Eastern and Western massage techniques for an integrated session which can be tailored to fit the needs of each individual’s body. Brogan treats a wide variety of musculoskeletal disorders, postural imbalances, and general overuse injuries caused by day to day wear and tear. He enjoys working with clients on preventative holistic care to ensure that we not only treat the issue at hand, but also develop an understanding of how to prevent injury in the future. It is his goal to work together with his clients to help them: manage their pain, reduce the effects of stress, bring awareness to their body, and promote holistic wellness. He has eight years of professional experience in the fields of crystal and energetic healing, and he’s excited to share the benefits of these complimentary alternative medicines with his clients.