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Spiritual being passionately encouraging others to overcome their fears and take positive risks without regrets to create the life they desire. Offering Motivational Readings, Personal/Spiritual Guidance Sessions, Group Sessions, Coffee/Tea Meetups.
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10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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Our Services

Group Sessions (3 Personal/Spiritual Guidance Sessions)
Personal/Spiritual Guidance sessions for a group of 4-6 people in a group setting. Includes Q&A as well as clarifying concerns and alleviating stress/worry to leave the group feeling confident, courageous, and complete. Followed by a Burn & Release and Saging Ritual. Originally $147 for 3 sessions per person.
45-Minute Coffee/Tea & Conversations Meetup
45-Minute Personal/Spiritual Guidance Experience over Coffee/Tea w/ Dhylles in person, over the phone or video chat, to ask questions and alleviate your worries and stress about challenges taking place in your life. Dhylles offers personal and spiritual guidance and insight to help you create ways of confronting obstacles with a positive and powerful perspective.
4 Week Personal/Spiritual Guidance Special
4 week Personal/Spiritual Guidance Program helping to create the life you desire by releasing fear, guilt, and shame. Confront and release what no longer serves you. Speak your truth and set yourself free. Create the life you truly desire and deserve. Originally $297. Payment plan accepted. 3 payments of $67.00 due before the 4th week.
Intuitive Oracle/Tarot Reading
60-Minute Motivational Reading that provides messages from your spirit guides to help you alleviate conflict, confusion, and doubt taking place in your life. Receive answers and direction to help with those life-changing decisions. Originally $77.00
Savannah Oracle/Tarot Card Reading
30-minute motivational reading that gives you direct messages from your spirit guides and loved ones who have passed on. Put your mind and heart at ease to know that they are well and are always with you.
Savannah Personal/Spiritual Guidance Experience
60-minute personal/spiritual guidance and growth sessions to help with breakthroughs that release what no longer serves you by confronting your fears and stepping out of your comfort to create the life you deserve.
Burn & Release Ritual & Saging Session.
Cleansing and clearing out negative and toxic energy that no longer serves you and protecting your spirit from lower energies that disrupt your vibration and frequency.

Our Staff

Dhylles Davis

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