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Oracle and Ancestral Advocate providing wisdom, insight & clarity from spirit to those who are in search of deeper spiritual knowledge. Offering Intuitive Oracle Readings, Intuitive weekly sessions, spiritual self-care bath products and more.
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Our Services

30-minute Alleviate Your Stress Reading
Anxiety, stress, panic and worry are at it's all time high with the adversity of the Corona virus taking place. It is the perfect time to learn ways to vibrate higher in your energy and spirit. As an Oracle, I am offering 30-minute Energy Enhancement Sessions to those who feel lost and are experiencing high level stress and looking for ways to calm down.
45-Minute Introduction to your Spirit Guides
45-Minute Oracle Reading gives an opportunity to discover your Spirit Guides and what they represent in the world as well as the roles they play in your life. This helps you get a deeper understanding of who has been assisting you in your spiritual experiences and messages you have been receiving.
4-Week: Discovering Your Spiritual Roots
4-Week Session that gives Spiritual Seekers the opportunity to discover their spiritual roots and ways to apply it to their lives. This gives them an opportunity to dig deep in understanding their spiritual experiences and why they were gifted with specific abilities and where they come from. This helps Spiritual Seekers not only embrace their spiritual gifts and ways to use their gifts to heal themselves as well as heal and serve humanity in a powerful way with the help of their Spirit Guides.
25-Minute Spiritual Curiosity Session
For Spiritual Seekers looking for answers to who they are and wanting to identify their purpose and discuss what they may be spiritually experiencing and not sure where to start their process.
90- Minute Create Relationships w/ Spirit Guides
90-Minute Session gives Spiritual Seekers the opportunity to connect and learn ways to build and maintain relationships with their Spirit Guides. Discover your Spirit Guides Love Language as well as create spiritual practices/rituals to communicate with them on a daily basis to ensure spiritual reciprocity.

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