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Online Zoom Meeting

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One Hour Online Zoom meeting

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15 Minute Online Zoom Meeting

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Notary Public Service, $15.00 per signature, each signature is giving a 15 minute window for setup, Notary Public Service, and Breakdown of Notary Service equipment.

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1 TO 4 HOUR CONSULTATION/MEETING FOR NEW OR EXISTING CUSTOMERS. On the next screen you will be prompted to select your address or our Morgan Hill location. EXCLUDES NOTARY SERVICE.

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Wendy Vincent is the President of VINCENT BOOKKEEPING, Inc. Wendy opened Vincent Bookkeeping back in July of 2010 as a Sole Proprietor, after maintaining a successful Bookkeeping company, growing the clientele and raising her own educational standards Wendy decided to open Vincent Bookkeeping as a Corporation as of January 1st, 2020. With a new business model, marketing strategy, mentor and a board of directors for guidance, Wendy Vincent is not only the Full Charge Bookkeeper who is able to handle all of your Bookkeeping needs, she is also a well Prepared Partner for your Business.