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Medicare Part D Plan Review

Compare Part D plans and switch plans if desired

Free · 20 minutes

Dexcom G6 Benefit Review

Review whether you insurance covers Dexcom G6, estimate out-of-pocket cost, and start the approval process if desired

Free · 10 minutes

CGM overview and selection (Dexcom G6 / Freestyle Libre)

Discuss highlights of competing CGMs (Continuous Glucose Monitors) and which may be appropriate for you

Free · 15 minutes

Freestyle Libre Start Up Session

We're here to help start your first Freestyle Libre sensor using a compatible phone or Freestyle Libre reader

Free · 15 minutes

Dexcom G6 Start Up Session

We'll walk you through starting your first Dexcom G6 sensor using your compatible phone or Dexcom G6 Receiver

Free · 20 minutes


Kevin Martian, PharmD