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10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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2:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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Our Services

Women's Nipples
Does not include Chest Strip
Women's New Client Brazilian Wax- WITH PROOF OF AZ RESIDENCY
New clients only. MUST SHOW PROOF OF ARIZONA RESIDENCY, OR WILL BE CHARGED FULL PRICE OF $48. Includes between the cheeks.
Women's New Client Brazilian Wax- NO PROOF OF AZ RESIDENCY
Women's new client brazilian wax- Either an out of town guest, or no proof of Arizona residency. [AZ drivers license, one bill in clients name sent to an AZ residence, lease agreement in clients name for AZ residence.]
Women's Brazilian Wax- RETURNING client only
Includes between the cheeks
Women's Bikini Line
Women's French Bikini
In between the cheeks NOT included. This service leaves as much or as little off the top, and goes two finger widths in from the sides, leaving hair along the labia.
Women's Between the Cheeks
Women's Ingrown Hair Enzyme Treatment
Suited best for clients with an ACTIVE INGROWN BREAKOUT. If you are just looking for ingrown prevention, please discuss home care with your esthetician.
Women's Eyebrow
Women's Upper Lip
Women's Stomach Strip
Clean up your "Happy Trail"
Women's Under Arm
Women's Inner Thigh
Women's Full Buttocks
Women's Chin
Women's Cheeks
Women's Neck
Women's Nose
Women's Side Burns
Women's Full Face
Women's Full Arms
Women's Half Arms
Women's Full Legs
Women's Half Legs
Women's Full Back
Women's Lower Back
Women's Full Stomach
Women's Chest Strip
Women's Feet
Women's Hands
Male Eyebrow
Male Nose
Male Ears
Male Full Arm
Male Half Arm
Male Full Leg
Male Half Leg
Male Chest Only
Male Full Stomach
Male Full Chest
Male Full Back
Male Under Arms
Male Full Buttocks
Male Ingrown Hair Enzyme Treatment
Women's Skin Lightening- Anus
Pain free skin lightening around the anus. May take 3-5 treatments for full effect.
Women's Skin Lightening- Bikini Line
Pain free skin lightening around the bikini line. Labia NOT included.
Women's Skin Lightening- Underarms
Women's Skin Lightening- Nipples
Women's Skin Lightening- Inner Thighs
Skin lightening- Knees
Skin Lightening- Elbows
Women's Skin Lightening- Full Face
Women's Skin Lightening- 1 spot on face
If you need an addition[s] spot, please make sure to add-on each additional spot as a separate service.
Women's Skin Lightening- +1 Additional spot on face
To be as an add on service to "1 spot on face"

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