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1/2 Arms (Upper or Lower)

$30 · 30 minutes

Clarifying Facial for Acne Prone Skin

A clarifying facial that is tailored to your skin type. Your esthetician will consult with you and choose product/regimen that will support your skins' needs. Extractions included as necessary.

$75 · 1 hour


$16 · 15 minutes

Bikini Line

Outside the regular panty line. Does not include down under, or the bum strip. For more hair removal, please book a Full Bikini or Brazilian.

$28 · 15 minutes

Bikini (Full)

Go as bare as you dare. This service includes as much removal of hair as you like from your lady garden. It is inside the panty line, but does not include the bum strip.

$38 · 30 minutes

Bikini (Full) EXTRA!

This service Includes a Full Bikini Wax ($38 Value), followed by a 15-20 minute vajaicial. This service includes warm towels, a cleanse and a clarifying Vadge Mask, (yes that is the name of the Happy Girl Product!) extractions of ingrowns as necessary, Bush Oil (Happy Girl!), Vadge and Bum Mist (Oh Lord!), and a gentle tops of thighs moisturizer (Chub Rub- I got nothing!) as necessary. Seriously, your Girl will be Happy!!

$48 · 45 minutes

Brazilian (including bum strip)

$55 · 30 minutes

Brazilian Extra

This service Includes a full Brazilian Wax ($55 Value), followed by a 15-20 minute vajaicial. This service includes warm towels, a cleanse and a clarifying Vadge Mask, (yes that is the name of the Happy Girl Product!) extractions of ingrowns as necessary, Bush Oil (Happy Girl!), Vadge and Bum Mist (Oh Lord!), and a gentle tops of thighs moisturizer (Chub Rub- I got nothing!) as necessary. Seriously, your Girl will be Happy!!

$70 · 45 minutes


$65 · 50 minutes

Brozilian with Full Leg Combined Service

Male genitalia and bum strip, full legs including feet and toes

$120 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Bum Strip

$20 · 15 minutes

Buttocks (incl bum strip)

$40 · 30 minutes


$35 · 30 minutes


$18 · 15 minutes


$15 · 15 minutes

Chin and Upper Lip

$26 · 15 minutes

Collar Area

$20 · 15 minutes

Eyebrow Shape

$19 · 15 minutes


$12 · 15 minutes

Eyebrow/Upper Lip

$30 · 25 minutes

Feet and Toes

$16 · 15 minutes


$12 · 15 minutes

Front of Neck

$18 · 15 minutes

Full Arm

$46 · 45 minutes

Full Back

$52 · 45 minutes

Full Leg and Full Bikini

$100 · 1 hour 15 minutes

Full Leg and Bikini Line

$90 · 1 hour

Full Leg and Brazilian

$110 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Hand and Fingers

$16 · 15 minutes

Inner Thigh (small Area)

$15 · 15 minutes

Lower Back

$27 · 15 minutes

Lower Leg

$35 · 30 minutes


$12 · 15 minutes

Random Area

$8 · 15 minutes


$26 · 15 minutes


$37 · 30 minutes

Stomach Line

$18 · 15 minutes

Upper Lip

$12 · 15 minutes


$23 · 15 minutes

Upper Back and Shoulders (combined)

$42 · 30 minutes

Upper Back

$38 · 30 minutes


Only includes shaping of the hair between brows. Does not include above or below brow hairline.

$8 · 15 minutes

Upper Leg

$40 · 30 minutes

Whole Face

$42 · 40 minutes

Classy Lash 2-3 week refill

$69 · 1 hour 15 minutes

Classy lash Refill 3-4 weeks

$79 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Eyelash Extensions- Classy lash

Give your lashes some volume.

$155 · 2 hours

Eyelash Extensions- Natural Eyelash flutter Full Set

Natural looking lashes- this is a favorite.

$135 · 2 hours

Eyelash Extensions- Gorgeous Glam Volume Lash

$175 · 2 hours 30 minutes

Eyelash Extensions- 3 Day Touch Up

(After a fresh full set, some loss is normal, we are happy to touch up the losses up to 3 days after the initial set)

Free · 20 minutes

Eyelash Extension- Natural eyelash Flutter Refill 2-3 wks

$55 · 1 hour

Eyelash Extensions- Natural Eyelash Flutter Refill 3-4 wks

When you are at 3 to 4 weeks book this one.

$65 · 1 hour 15 minutes

Eyelash Extension Removal

(Free removal with new full set)

$14 · 30 minutes

Eyelash Lift Patch Test (rec. 24hrs in advance)

Free · 10 minutes

Eyelash Lift

$65 · 1 hour

Eyelash Tint

$26 · 30 minutes

Eyebrow Tinting

$15 · 15 minutes

Eyebrow Tint and Eyelash Tint Combined

$38 · 35 minutes

Gorgeous Glam Refill 2-3 weeks

$80 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Gorgeous Glam Refill 3-4 Weeks

$85 · 1 hour 45 minutes

Lash lift and tint

$85 · 1 hour 20 minutes

Professional Teeth Whitening

$95 · 1 hour

Professional Care Remineralization After Teeth Whitening

$15 · 15 minutes

Age Rewind Facial

This facial treatment is not only a great for your fine lines and wrinkles it also is great for the dry skin. It targets all of your ageing areas and helps turn back the clock.

$75 · 1 hour

Chemical Peel- Turn Back The Time

These peel helps decrease hyper-pigmentation, improve skin tone, and texture / soften fine lines as well as work on sun spots and age spots. This service is tailored to your skin. Don't forget the sun screen!

$79 · 1 hour

Classically Beautiful Facial

A relaxing service that leaves you feeling a sense of rejuvenation! perfect before a special day or just because you want to treat yourself. this facial treatment is customized to your skins needs.

$75 · 1 hour

Dermaplane OR Microdermabrasion Plus Mini Facial

Great for removing our dead skin build up to allow the fresh new skin to shine through. Dermaplane- this is one of our favorite services at Cactus Wax Studio. It is a great treatment to remove dry/dead skin, and peach fuzz (vellus hair), as well working on fine lines and acne scaring. Microdermabrasion- Is a noninvasive treatment. It's a great way to polish your skin with our diamond tip instrument.

$85 · 1 hour

Facial- FACE REALITY Acne Treatment Session

$65 · 45 minutes

Facial- FACE REALITY Consultation/Analysis

Consultation fee is refunded/waived for clients who start the Face Reality Program

$45 · 30 minutes

Facial- LED Light Therapy- Add onto Facial

$20 · 30 minutes

Facial- Monthly Membership Facial Service (Members Only)

This service is for current Cactus Club Clients who would like to book their monthly Custom Facial Service. This service is only available to clients who have signed up for Monthly Membership Facial Spa Services. Charge is taken monthly through direct debit from a bank. Clients who have not signed up for Monthly Membership cannot book this service. Want to save 10% on your Facial Spa? Come on into Cactus WAX Studio and get signed up for Monthly Membership. You deserve it!

Free · 1 hour

Facial- Pumpkin Facial- Fall Special

This luxurious 60 minute custom facial incorporates all things pumpkin! Pumpkin contains natural oils and enzymes that will leave your face gently exfoliated with a hauntingly beautiful glow! Enjoy a Sanitas Skincare Pumpkin Enzyme Mask, which will prepare your skin for the cooler months ahead. Includes a complimentary warm hand treatment.

$75 · 1 hour

High Frequency Treatment (Facial Spa Add On)

An add on to your Facial Spa, to stimulate collagen/elastin production to treat fine lines. Also treats inflamed acne for smoother, healthier skin.

$25 · 20 minutes

Hydration Heaven Facial

Custom Facial Spa- super moisturization

$75 · 1 hour

New Man Facial

Developed specifically for our gentlemen clients, this treatment is designed with men in mind. This service not only will treat your skin but also your facial hair. Includes complimentary Ears or Nostril WAXing

$75 · 1 hour

Teen facial

It’s never too early to care for your skin! Give your teen a skincare routine that is quick and simple. this facial is a signature teen facial includes deep pore cleansing, extractions, exfoliation and a treatment mask. Start teens with a good skincare regimen that will lead them into healthier skincare habits for the rest of their lives.

$55 · 45 minutes

The Lunch Time Facial

Great pick me up before you go back to work! (Or any other time:)

$35 · 30 minutes

Super Luxury Facial

$90 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Hydrating Hand Treatment

$15 · 15 minutes

Spa- Vajacial

Cleansing of your lady parts, with mask, ingrown extractions, moisturization. Happy Girl Products used.

$45 · 30 minutes

Spa- Body Dry Brushing and Skin Hydration

$50 · 45 minutes


Hello, my name is Kimberly. I have been an Esthetician since 2014, it has always been a passion of mine that I turned into a career. I fall more and more in love with it as the years go by. I have pushed myself to hold many different certifications. I am happy to help you with any waxing service female/male to getting those beautiful eyelash extensions, lash lifts, Henna brow, brow tinting, eyelash tinting as well as down to helping you relax during a customization facial. I look forward to helping you in any beauty need.


My name is Sarah and I am so lucky that I get to call work my passion! I became a licensed esthetician after I moved to Colorado and struggled with acne like never before. I wanted to know how to heal my skin, and knew in my heart that I wanted to help others feel confident in their skin. I am a Face Reality Certified Acne Specialist! So, here I am! I love to educate my clients and help them achieve healthy skin while supporting them with compassion, patience, and trust. I look forward to meeting you at Cactus Wax Studio! When I’m not at work, you can find me spending time with my four rescue pups & husband, hiking, writing, and cooking plant-based meals.