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Ceramic Coating

The most recent development in paint protection are products commonly referred to as ceramic coatings. These coatings are made from materials that are more durable than the polymers found in traditional sealants and waxes giving you a more durable, longer-lasting protection. In addition to forming a very strong bond with the clear coat finish, a coating is generally much thicker than a wax or sealant, creating a sacrificial layer that can absorb damage and better protect the paint underneath. The thickness gives it a great depth of gloss that’s hard to achieve with other products. Most coatings will easily give years of protection when properly applied. **Includes all painted surfaces (including all jambs), wheels faces, exterior trim and all glass. Price does not include paint correction**

Starting at $699 · 23 hours

Engine Cleaning

A clean engine makes a old car look newer, and keeps the new car new. Cleaning the engine makes the vehicle run cooler, helps to find leaks, and keeps dirt/debris from sticking to major components under the hood. Its ideal for our daily drivers, construction vehicles, and car enthusiast.

$75 · 30 minutes

Scratch Removal (Paint Correction)

Our scratch removal service is our most popular option for your vehicle. It helps removes oxidation, light to moderate scratches, and swirls on your vehicle. Whether your vehicle needs a face lift or you need to keep the new car new, this is the option that saves you thousands of dollars from the body shop. **Prices are subject to visual inspection, size, and color**

23 hours 30 minutes

Interior Sanitation/Disinfecting

Air Purge, Disinfect and Steam Clean all areas of the vehicle including: - Dashboard - Steering wheel - Turn signals - Gear shifter - Brake pedals - Air vents -Cup holders - Front/rear seats -Headliner Vacuum entire vehicle including cracks/crevices. **All products used are in accordance with the EPA/CDC**

1 hour

Premium Hand Wash (Ceramic Coated Cars Only)

This is a great way to ensure that your vehicle receives the special attention it deserves every time it's washed. Our classic hand wash is designed for your ceramic coated car. -Two Bucket Wash -Air Blow Dry -Maintenance Care Product This service adds a coating maintenance spray during the drying process. This lubricates the drying towels, minimizing the chance of towel-induced marring, while also adding shine and a durable layer of protection. You can add the interior cleaning to this wash for only $15. **For Ceramic Coated Vehicles Only, please specify**

Starting At $60 · 30 minutes

Window Tint

Automotive window film, sometimes called "window tint", has always been a popular add-on for your vehicle because of its enhanced aesthetic value; but the unpredictable weather in Virginia, its benefits make it a practical necessity! First, window tint reduces up to 99% of the sun's harmful, cancer-causing UV rays from penetrating the glass, protecting you and your vehicle's interior. That blockage prevents upholstery from fading and hard plastics from cracking, while rejecting up to 79% of excessive heat gain through the glass, keeping your vehicle substantially cooler inside while driving and sitting still. Window film also helps avert glare and distortions in the glass caused by the sun's reflection during certain times of the day. **Some vehicles will have an additional charge depending on the size and amount of windows**

Starting At $110 · 30 minutes

Marine Protection

Our Marine Line is a revolutionary clear nanoceramic formula designed to protect the surfaces of your vessel from staining and dulling. We have protection in 3yrs, 18 months, or 12 months.

Starting at $699.99 · 6 hours 5 minutes

Exterior/Interior Detail (Full Detail)

For the Interior: Thorough vacuum; clean & dress dash, door panels, and center console; clean mats; spot clean headliner, seats, and carpeting; condition leather seats; clean windows For the Exterior: Thorough wash; clay; machine polish, apply 12 month sealant; dress trim & tires; minor wheel detailing **Price is based upon size and CONDITION of the vehicle**

Starting at $375 · 4 hours

Exterior Detailing

We wash, clay bar, or a 12 month sealant to your exterior for a spotless clean. Our exterior auto detailing service will bring your vehicle’s paint color back to life. This service is also for your windshield, tail lights, and any other surface to protect your vehicle from stains and other harsh elements your car encounters while driving. **This does not include paint correction to remove swirls/marring**

Starting at $265 · 2 hours

Interior Detailing

We use the right cleaning solutions to ensure that your interior will not have any odors. We clean your car’s interior by wiping down your dashboard, vents, panels, windows, as well as vacuuming your carpet and seats. Our job is to make sure there are no traces of dirt or dust left behind. This detailing package will leave your car sparkly clean! We in addition offer a professional coating service to prevent any elements that might scratch your interior or staining your seats/carpets.

Starting at $185 · 2 hours

Glass Protection

Premium glass coating, ultra hydrophobic and easy to clean. This glass coating reduces glare and provides easy removal of bugs, dirt, snow and ice.

Starting at $95 · 30 minutes


Free · 30 minutes


We professionally restore cloudy, dull headlights on any car, truck, SUV or Fleet vehicle manufactured with a poly-carbonate lens using our proprietary 6 step headlight restoration process. Improving the appearance up to 98.9% and the function of your headlights by up to 99.9%. It reduces glare on oncoming drivers and increases yours and others safety.

Starting at $75 · 30 minutes

Interior Electronic Deodorizer

Clean, deodorize, and kill irritating airborne smells inside of the vehicle.

Starting at $144.95 · 12 hours

Paint Protection Film

Price Varies · 23 hours


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