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Interior Clean

$150 · 2 hours

Classic Car Single Stage Correction

Goal of 80% correction includes complete paint prep and sealant

Variable · 8 hours

Trim resto

Remove contamination, dye or coat

$90 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Mold Remediation

Treatment of stains associated Proper removal of surface embedded mold Removal of any necessary panels, seats, etc C03 air generator to kill air born spores Suggested replacement and or installation of damages areas

Call for an accurate quote · 2 hours

Scratch repair

Price Varies · 5 minutes

Ceramic Coating Install

Paint preparation and install of Ceramic Coating. Includes: -Multiple stage decontamination of paint to remove visible and embedded contaminants, providing a surgically clean surface, insuring proper coating application. -Machine polishing. All installs include machine Gloss enhancement (40-50% correction), single stage (70-80% correction) or 2 stage paint correction (90%+) each car is unique, discuss goals with installer -Video recap of service, warranty card, and post care package. All coatings properly cured before released to customers.

23 hours 55 minutes

Ozone treatment

Price Varies · 45 minutes

Level 2 Shine

Complete interior exterior. Paint decontamination, removal of bugs and tar, wheels, wheel wells, premium sealant, interior steam, spot stain treatment, complete vacuum, windows, moldings, uv protection. This will have your car a pleasure to drive with details you've likely never seen clean since new.

6 Options

Large Van

Price Varies · 5 hours 30 minutes

Commercial truck Detail

Price Varies $175 · 2 hours

Level 1 shine

cost is estimate based on condition and needs Level 1: is for vehicles in well maintained shape and need a safe wash, applications of sealant, vacuum, and interior wipe down.

6 Options

Headlight Restoration

$75 · 1 hour

Level 1 or 2 detail

Use this selection is unsure of the level detail

Price Varies · 3 hours 30 minutes

Interior detail

Price Varies · 2 hours

Sticker/Badge removal

Price Varies · 1 hour


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