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Our Services

Vocal Recording Session
This is for clients who already have music and just need to record vocals. This price includes up to 2 hours. Anything 30 minutes or less is $40.00
Track Creation/Create Music
This is where we create the MUSIC that you can record to.
Saxophone Lessons
For beginners who are wanting to learn a little faster than their school can teach them.
Copyright Tutorial
Get your music copyrighted correctly, I walk you through each step. This does not have to be done at office I can come to you or meet at a coffee house.
Publishing Tutorial
Whether it’s ASCAP or BMI, you need to be educated on the publishing companies that will collect your royalties for you and get you paid top dollar for your music.
30-60 second Commercial includes music.
This includes all music/mixing and mastering. Client needs to script out a few paragraphs explaining highlights of their business that can be spoken within a 45 second period.
Music creation and record vocals
This does include the 12-15 hours of mixing as well as mastering. Also includes up to 6 hours of vocal recording (spread out over 2 days).
Album cover Graphic design
This includes creating the graphics for front and back covers with track-listing info. As well as cd itself.
Photo shoot
For all clients needing up-to date photos for front/back of an album cover, we do offer a photo shoots which includes best 4 poses in a 30 minute session. Clients are welcome to choose location for photo shoot. Additional poses and time are available just speak with a member of our staff.

Our Staff

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