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Hydrojelly Mask Plus

A simple double cleanse, vitamin c serum with a relaxing and treating hydrojelly mask and SPF. This is a perfect service if you are interested in a hydrojelly mask but do not want to add it to a waxing service.

$28 路 35 minutes

Hydrojelly Mask (add on)

These masks can be added on to any waxing service. They are refreshing, calming and soothing for your skin. These masks improve: 鈥yperpigmentation, Sun Spots, Melasma 鈥nti-Fine Wrinkles, Uneven Skintone 鈥oothing, Anti-Inflammatory 鈥ryness, Dullness, Aging Skin 鈥cne, Blemishes, Scars, Bumps, Ingrown Hairs *Price may vary for bigger body areas*

$18 路 20 minutes

Eyebrow Shape + Style

*this service is for first time eyebrow wax clients or for returning clients who do not wax consistently or after the four week window* it includes a consultation, cleanse, wax, reshape or cleanup, tweeze, and a brow fill & highlight to enhance your brow shape. every brow styling service is provided with the above description. *please stop tweezing brows altogether before appointment.*

$20 路 30 minutes

Eyebrow Maintenance *see description*

ONLY returning clients who are coming back within four weeks of their last appointment. waxing stragglers, tweezing, trimming and styling. *no shaping needed*

$15 路 15 minutes

Eyebrow Sculpt - Tweezing Only

This is for perfect for those who are on any type of acne medication or topical medication that causes extremely dry skin and sensitivity or if you simply prefer tweezing as your hair removal method. Hair removal will be done by tweezing only and styling will be included.

$25 路 35 minutes

Eyebrow Wax + Tint

鈥et brows grow as much as possible and exfoliate the brow area the day before your appointment鈥 *keep in mind, tint fades within a few days on the skin, so it鈥檚 best you have your desired shape before tinting*

$30 路 35 minutes

Lash Tint

semi-permanent dye done on the lashes to enhance the appearance. best results done with an eyelash lift.

$15 路 15 minutes

Lash Lift

This treatment gives a natural lift to your lashes. This will set the shape of your natural lashes with a nice lifted curl and without having to resort to eyelash extensions. A keratin treatment that moisturizes, nourishes, improves and helps the structure of your lashes while helping with healthy growth is included. This service usually lasts 6-8 weeks.

2 Options

Bikini Full

everything off front of bikini area, including bikini line. we can take or leave as much as you鈥檇 like. I require at least 2 whole weeks of hair growth after shaving. 3 weeks is ideal for better results your first time. (for women only)

$45 路 15 minutes

Bikini Line

outside of bikini area (four fingers lenght) and an inch from top of bikini. (for women only)

$25 路 15 minutes


service includes whole front of bikini area, bikini line, and butt strip. we can take or leave as much as you鈥檇 like. I require at least 2 whole weeks of hair growth after shaving. 3 weeks is ideal for better results your first time. (Women Only)

2 Options

Bikini Treatment

This treatment can only be done 48 hours + after your bikini wax service, or we can remove the exfoliation step if you鈥檇 like to add after your waxing appointment. Make sure you do NOT exfoliate the day before or the day of your treatment. It will target ingrown hairs, as well as pigmentation caused by scarring. This treatment is best to keep up with to see results. includes: *double cleanse *exfoliation *extractions (if needed) *high frequency to kill bacteria causing breakouts and help circulation *LED therapy to target bacteria and pigmentation *Cure Serum *Hydrojelly Mask

$50 路 45 minutes

Bikini Wax + Soothing Hydrojelly Mask

Make sure you choose which bikini service you would like when booking. This bundle is great for extremely sensitive and easily irritated skin post brazilian wax. First time clients, this will not include your first time brazilian price, please book seperately* *best results when receiving consistently* you are saving $8. (Women Only)

3 Options

Butt Strip

(for women only.)

$15 路 10 minutes

Full Butt

the butt cheeks with the butt strip. butt strip is optional. (for women only.) SAVE $10 when pairing with a Brazilian.

$30 路 15 minutes

Inner Thigh

$10 路 5 minutes

Stomach Strip

$10 路 5 minutes

Full Body Wax

Eyebrows, Lip, Underarms, Brazilian and Full Legs are included. *services cannot be substituted* SAVE $20

$150 路 45 minutes

Full Face

includes hair line, sideburns, cheeks, lip, nose, chin, and neck. eyebrows not included. calming cream and SPF will be applied after service.

3 Options


$12 路 10 minutes


$12 路 15 minutes


$12 路 15 minutes


$12 路 10 minutes


$12 路 10 minutes


includes lower lip

$10 路 10 minutes


nostrils and top on nose if requested.

$10 路 5 minutes


includes lower lip.

$12 路 10 minutes


This can either be the front or the back of your neck. If you would like both, the price will be adjusted to $24

$12 路 10 minutes


$15 路 10 minutes

Underarm Wax + Hydrojelly Mask

this treatment will help moisturize and sooth irritated skin after an underarm wax. the skin's protective barrier will strengthen to help retain moisture.

$30 路 30 minutes


$20 路 15 minutes


$8 路 15 minutes


$30 路 15 minutes

Chest Strip

$15 路 10 minutes


$10 路 15 minutes

Men's Eyebrow Wax

trim, wax, tweeze and shape if needed.

$15 路 20 minutes

Men鈥檚 Beard

Includes lip

$40 路 35 minutes

Men鈥檚 Underarms

$25 路 15 minutes

Men's Half Arms

$40 路 15 minutes

Men's Full Arms

includes hands. does not include shoulders

$55 路 40 minutes

Men's Half Back

Upper or Lower back. Does not include shoulders.

$45 路 15 minutes

Men's Full Back

Includes shoulders.

$65 路 20 minutes

Men's Stomach

$35 路 15 minutes

Men's Upper Legs

includes knees and feet.

$55 路 40 minutes

Men's Lower Legs

includes knees and feet.

$45 路 25 minutes

Men's Full Legs

includes feet. does NOT include boxer area.

$90 路 45 minutes


$10 路 10 minutes


Includes toes.

$10 路 10 minutes

Women's Full Arms

includes hands.

$45 路 25 minutes

Women's Half Arms

$30 路 15 minutes

Women's Stomach

$25 路 15 minutes

Women's Full Back

includes shoulders. this covers all the way down to the top of buttocks.

$55 路 15 minutes

Women's Upper Back

does not include shoulders.

$30 路 15 minutes

Women's Lower Back

covers middle of back to top of buttocks.

$25 路 15 minutes

Women's Full Legs

includes feet.

$70 路 45 minutes

Women's Upper Legs

includes everything from knees up. service does not include bikini line.

$45 路 25 minutes

Women's Lower Legs

includes knees.

$40 路 20 minutes


Hi, my name is aurora. I am a licensed esthetician with 4+ years of experience in waxing, and have my license in both Texas and North Carolina. I am a hard wax expert and strictly use hard wax on all waxing services. I am finally having the opportunity to start my own business and I hope you choose me to be your service provider! Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have. I look forward to meeting you and providing the best service possible! Thank you for your support!