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Discovery Call

Welcome to Alpha Hearts! Let’s get to know each other. Before we begin our work together, I would love to get to know you, and I want you to get to know me too! This is a complimentary phone consultation for all services including Nirvana Home Storeys and Omtalkies Looking forward chatting with you!

Free · 20 minutes

Wholeness Session

Want it all? Here I offer ALL of myself to your growth. You want to know your numerology and tarot reading and do a past life regression session with me? Don't worry I got you covered. For this session I would need your I would need your DOB, Time of Birth and place of birth at least a day before the session. Your numerology chart will be created for you to keep. Just so you know, I dedicate 1 hour to prepare your chart and connect to your guides before we do our session. Our live session last for 3 hours, during this 3 hours time with you, and 10 min break in between I would: 1) Walk you through your numerology chart and do a healing if I see any blocks - this will last 1 hour 2) I would also do regression therapy to help you get past any trauma, anxiety, depression and/or ironic health issues. For your convenience, I am available by phone and Zoom (video chat).

$559 · 3 hours 15 minutes


Any Addition Chart and reading - Astro Geographical Chart - Partners or family member's chart - Compatibility Reading

$125 · 30 minutes

Regression Coaching

If you are you looking for your A-ha moment or trying to get past a lot of pain. This session is for you. Lets get to your source of your mental and emotional health with Regression Therapy be it a past life or a past time in this life. At the time of booking, I would need your DOB, time of birth and place of birth to guide you during our session. For your convenience, I am available by phone and Zoom (video chat).

$279 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Holistic Approach

Do you want to approach your life organically and holistically? Yay! Me too! I live my life with the principles of the Vedas. I nourish and nurture my life with Ayurveda, Tantra and meditation to clear my blocks and Numerology to live my purpose-filled life today. When you are ready you can find wellness through these methods too. I would need your DOB, Time of Birth and place of birth at least a day before the session & the numerology chart will be created for you to keep. For your convenience, I am available by phone, Zoom or FaceTime(video chat). I would prefer zoom or FaceTime to read your energy.

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MP3 tracks

Imagine having your own, personalized guided meditation to listen to on your commute, unwind with at the end of a long day, or fall asleep to.(without ADs) This 30-minutes via phone call or Zoom video chat is designed to learn about and address your your specific needs when it comes to relaxing, resetting, and rejuvenating (e.g. labor/delivery of your baby, sleep, motivational start of your day). After we speak, you'll receive 2 recording of a personalized sound bath, guided meditation or affirmation. Best of all, the MP3 files is yours to keep forever. Specific options include: 1) Sound Bath Healing with personalized chanting 2) Meditation Healing 3) Affirmation Healing. *All recordings will last 20 minutes and will be completely personalized to you. Please allow for a two-week turnaround following our initial call. The price includes your recording

$259 · 30 minutes

Krupa B

I am an Intuitive Life Coach, Tantra Relationship Coaching, Numerologist, Ayurveda Healer and more!