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Discover methods of self-care that fit your values and needs with the help of My Wealth in Health! Achieve your vision of optimal health and increase the quality of your life to the fullest! ​Take advantage of our integrative health coaching, Reiki healing, and personalized aromatherapy, and create a self-care plan that works for you!

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Our Services

Initial Consultation
A 20-minute session either face to face, over the phone or via Skye to determine your coaching needs. This call is offered by appointment only. If requesting a phone or Skype session, please select "We'll come to you" as your location, and indicate "Phone" or "Skype" in the Appointment Notes.
30-minute Health Coaching Session
60-minute Health Coaching Session
30-minute distant Reiki session
The areas of the body that are most in need of healing will be targeted during this session.​ Services are by appointment only.
60-minute distant Reiki session
The areas most in need of healing will be prioritized followed by the energy centers of the body. Services are by appointment only.

Our Staff

Kelly Nembhard
As a clinical research professional, I worked in multiple therapeutic areas with pharmaceutical companies and investigative clinical sites to ensure first-time quality of clinical trial data presented to the FDA. In reviewing the data, I became aware of many factors that can benefit or harm a patient, one of which is a patient’s commitment to their health care. That awareness kicked my concern for others into high gear and led me to reflect on my health experiences in understanding what affects a patient’s commitment to their health care. As a result, I am now happy to be of service to others as an integrative health coach trained by Duke Integrative Medicine, a Master Reiki practitioner, and an aromatherapist.
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