2Give Management, LLC

We build and manage businesses, people and nonprofits! Our proven coaching, business building and management methods yield the very best results for our clients.
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Our Services

30-Minute Phone Consultation
30 minutes to talk over your business ideas with Business and Purpose Expert, Steph Wood
60-Minute Coaching
This over the phone coaching call will help provide you with guidance and help answers questions. Need coaching? Work with Business and Purpose Expert, Steph Wood to get to the highest level!
90-Minute Strategy Meeting
This in-person 90 minute in-person session includes a recording of the session and recommendations to move forward.
10-Minute Basic Business Consult
Have a quick question you need answered? We can help you so much in just 10 minutes. Book today!

Our Staff

Steph Wood
Our Mission is to inspire, prepare and guide people to live their gifts; turning their passions and ideas into businesses, initiatives and community organizations. Our Vision is to witness long-term success in underrepresented entrepreneurs, businesses and non-profits who learn to practice sustainable, scalable, and duplicable processes, controls and outcomes.