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Home Buying Prep - (over the phone)

Thank you for selecting me to help you in your home buying and selling needs. Please use the appointment scheduler below to select a day and time for your phone consultation. I look forward to working with you! This is to answer any BRIEF real estate questions you may have about the home buying process.

Free · 15 minutes

Real Estate Investor's Consultation - (45min)

We offer support for first time, intermediate, and seasoned real estate investors to help create a programs that are tailored to your needs. Strategies to increase your net worth, generate cash flow, and develop an investment portfolio through asset acquisition. $25.00 for 45 min. consultation no refunds

$99 · 45 minutes

Business Credit or Strategies Consultation Prep (in person)

Every day businesses attempt to obtain loans for starting and/or expanding their business. Most are unsuccessful in obtaining the credit they desire. Many small business owners turn to their personal credit to fund their business. Using your personal credit for business can negatively impact your credit, making it harder to borrow money for things like a new home, new car, and personal credit cards. Banks will extend more credit to a business than they will to a person. Building your business credit, separate from your personal credit, is the foundation for success! Aszurdee Sade aims to help businesses get the credit they need through implementing the right strategies! With her proven methods, we can help you establish your business and establish correctly the first time and obtain the business credit you need without unnecessary rejection!

$99 · 45 minutes

Home Buying Consultation - ( in person)

An initial real estate consultation with Aszurdee Sade- The Realty Stylist is the first step in your home buying process it is an important part of the process. since we will be working with you from start to finish. During the consultation, we will examine the current state of the market, discuss which neighborhoods that appeal to you, go over your budget. so that we can choose the appropriate neighborhoods and houses, and discuss any other questions or concerns you may have. Your consultation includes a copy of my book & Journal Finding Home Sweet Home: A Step By Step Guide To Turning Your Dreams of Homeownership Into An Address! *No Refunds

$19.99 · 45 minutes

Sellers Consultation - (in person)

If you are ready to sell, we can discuss you next steps; if you are unsure, we will assist you in weighing options. We provide you with sound advice as well as a complete marketing strategy.

Free · 45 minutes

Credit Consultation- (over the phone)

In your credit consultation we will briefly discuss your current credit situation to assist you in becoming credit worthy & beyond. Services include the following: (and so much more)! Review of your Credit Report (you must bring it) A D.I.Y Handbook to restoring your credit! The option to enroll in Credit Repair Services -Clean Up Unlimited Negative Records -No Contracts or Commitments -24/7 Online Access & Credit Progress Tracking -Clients can start seeing removals in as little as 45 days -Customized Action Plans Around Your Goals and Budget

Free · 15 minutes

Investor's Consult (over the phone)

This is a 15 min phone consult to address quick questions you might have on investing.

Free · 15 minutes

Community Outreach Questions- (over the phone)

15 min. consult to answer quick questions about community events, and outreach programs!

Free · 15 minutes


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