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Clients come to me with various requests. The requests can be relieving anxiety, understanding and improving emotional well being. I facilitate healing with clients during surgeries and advanced treatment, in wellness and medical crisis. I work with clients as a spiritual medium, bridging communication with ancestral lineage or those who have passed. I also serve requests for past life healing and entity or attachment removal. This booking is to assess any situation at hand and begin your healing plan.

$100 · 1 hour

Energy Healing

We are all part of a unified energy field that is non local. Quantum physics describes particle entanglement in which particles affect each other's states of being over any distance. The effect happens instantaneously. Distance healing is as effective, if not more effective as in person session. This session includes time to assess the root cause at hand. Integrative coaching is utilized in this session.

$100 · 1 hour 15 minutes


Elizabeth Harlow