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Grooming @ Dirty Dawgs Physical Location

Grooming at the physical location is available at 3055 N Campbell Ave #133. Estimated pricing is as follows: 50lbs and Under - $50 De-Shed Treatment - $50 50lbs and Over - $60 Doodles/Poodles - $75 All grooming pricing (except De-Shed) includes as needed, bath, brush, haircut, nail trim, ear cleaning. Cancellations must be called in and done within 72 hours of appointment set. Pricing is per hour. Dogs needing haircuts under 60 lbs and all de-shed bath spas only take approximately 1 hour of time By scheduling an appointment with Dirty Dawgs, you agree to all waivers/disclaimers that can be found at

Price Varies by weight. Please view service description and website for pricing. · 1 hour 30 minutes

Nail Trim ONLY @ Dirty Dawgs Physical Location

$20 · 15 minutes

FREE Grooming Service for Doggy Daycare Transports ONLY

This is the free grooming service that is included in Doggy Daycare 16-day package participants. This is NOT for any other Dirty Dawgs clients.

Free · 1 hour


Veronica Hanley