Dear valued customers, Due to complications of COVID-19 and ongoing problems, we ARE still taking appointments and bookings but with precautionary measures in place. This has been a difficult time for our business, so we thank you for your patience and support. For our customers who have questions about how we are moving forward, please visit our main services website link below. Thanks, and stay safe!

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60 minute Massage Session

Custom 50-minute Massage/Bodywork (books at 60 min.) can include pain relief, relaxation, emotional balancing; Swedish, Cranio-Sacral, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy, Child or Infant, Reflexology (Foot Zoning). Due to COVID19, restricted service may be an altered offering - chair massage with clothes-on with additional VibroTherapy (VT) to accelerate circulation, lymph or metabolic waste drain, and to help hip, and leg issues.

$75 · 50 minutes

Add-On 3 Essential Oils for Massage

Custom Benefit Essential Oils to be used with carrier oils to enhance the session. Take-home packet.

$12 · 5 minutes

Add-On Listening Program - Sound Health Music for Session

Advanced Brain Technologies Listening Program called Sound Health is intended to complement specific activities. Employs extensive scientific research and clinical study to achieve its intended effect. Listen to frequency-specific music training during any massage session. Go to the site to choose the album for your musical training to listen during your session.

$8 · 50 minutes

Add-On TBs Solo Home Massage Kit

Set of 2 Tennis Balls, fabric case, directions for use. Good for relieving headaches, trigger point knots, energizing the spine, emotional balancing, and lymph flush. May be added during check-out.

$8 · 5 minutes

Add-On KT Consult

Kinesio Tape (KT) is applied for structural muscle support after surgery or chronic muscle pain, pregnancy support, sports training and extreme sports players.

$20 · 5 minutes

Community Short Session (Water)

Community Short Sessions are energy massage appointments 15-30 min. $25-$45. The shorter consultations can be in-office with clothes-on for your short work break, like a tune-up OR Water Therapy. For Water Therapy, we meet at a pool and it must be pre-paid 15 min. For the Water Therapy schedule and details see Clothes-on short sessions are good for children and teens for de-stressing during the school year or during any trauma time. Let the therapist know which choice is requested on the appointment notes. 24-hour pre-booking time required.

20 minutes

VT - VibroTherapy Machine, Whole Body Standing - Sitting

Exclusive frequency-specific oscillation plate for whole-body Vibration Therapy - massage or health issue exercising - book 5 min. and up to 20-minute increments for accelerated therapy. It can be an Add-On or just a Short Session. First Demo is FREE. Keep hydrated. Machine use has controlled training programs and speeds to allow quick trauma recovery and physical rehabilitation with benefits of lowered perceived exertion. Inquire at Healing Tree EDEN for a session or schedule a free demo. Call/text 801-282-5277

3 Options

Consultation - Intake Assessment for TLP The Listening Program

Assessment and FREE Listening sample by Advanced Brain Technologies, a music-based therapy program for a healthier brain. A program for children and adults: to consult with concerns of a variety of needs including problems with chronic stress, getting along better with others and better self-regulation, healing trauma, to strive for positive change of any kind, and specific problems like dementia, memory difficulties, learning disabilities, diagnoses of Autism Spectrum Disorder and problems with auditory processing. Consult with Certified TLP Provider Theresa Ellis, LMT.

$45 · 1 hour

Root Note Reading/Consultation

Energy testing of your core body vibration (core frequency) will allow you to know your core Root Note plus other supportive notes like it is used in music and colors. Knowing at least two secondary foundation notes along with your Root Note will help you gain better health through better music listening and color choices. This consultation is not an 'angel' reading. Call/text for appointment 801-282-5277

$25 · 30 minutes

Music Consultation 30 minute

Violin, vocal, or guitar private lesson for 30 minutes per person (online or in-person). Ask about small group lessons for a discount.

$30 · 30 minutes

Music Consultation 45 min

Violin (strings), vocal or guitar private lesson per person for 45 minutes, online or in person.

$45 · 45 minutes

Theresa Ellis