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Clay and Wax

This service will give you the smoothest paint ever on your car! Highly recommended for brand new cars or for vehicles that are well kept. 1- car wash and vacuum 2- Clay Bar Cleaning 3- two coats of wax 4- tire dressing 5 streak free windows Note: this service doesn't remove scratches, swirls or heavy over spray. Ask about our reconditioning services

$99 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Like Mirror Paint

The once a year wax that brings that shine back! This polishing service will eliminate moderate scratches. it includes wash, clay bar cleaning, 3 step polishing and two coats of wax. *Other charges apply depending on the size and condition of your vehicles

$145 · 3 hours

Interior Clean and Fresh

Our interior detail service will give you a sensation of freshness and cleaningness on your daily drive; dust, grime, make-up and bad odors are gone!* Comprehensive system cleaning service includes: 1- power vacuum 2- compressed air blow 3- floor mat wash 4-dash, steering wheel and center console dressing. 5- air fragrance 6- leather cleaning and conditioning 7- plastic and vinyl cleaned and conditioned 8- door jambs 9- carpet shampoo 10- fabric seat shampoo 11- headliner clean up 12- power air dry *Other charges apply depending on the size and condition of your vehicles. SUV's Extra Heavy soiled, smelly interior and pet hair extra.

$115 · 3 hours

Express Mini - Detail

This is the perfect package to maintain your vehicle year round. 1- Car wash 2- Floor mats shampoo 3- Vacuuming 4- Center console and dash clean up 5- Leather cream conditioner 6-Hand wax 7- Tire dressing 8- Streak free windows *This package is intended as a maintenance service. it doesn't includes what is not described.

$99 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Wash and Wax

$55 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Complete Detail

Includes: 1- interior detail 1- Exterior Detail

$260 · 6 hours


Jose Peza