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30 mins Free Consultation

Got an entrepreneurial vision or idea ? Schedule a free 30 mins session with me ! Let's get your idea out your brain and onto paper !

Free · 30 minutes

1 Plus Hour Consultation

Need in depth advising and business strategizing ? Choose this services to help setup more strategic planning and building strategies. This is an hourly rate

$125 · 1 hour

IRS Tax Disputes

Helping clients with payment plans, respondence of tax disputes, and settlements. This is an hourly rate

$175 · 1 hour

Business Coaching

One on One Sessions to help you plan, execute, and carryout your business vision. If your business is off track, My goal is to help you get back on track by developing business roadmaps and plans to do so. This is our hourly rate.

$400 · 3 hours

Business Legal Formation

Establishing new businesses by filing all necessary paperwork with the state, fed, or county.

3 Options

SBA Loan Assistance

Helping small businesses and independent contractors prepare documents for the loan. If you need books to prepare, that's the standard back work fee plus assistance fee.

$150 · 1 hour

Business Consultation

Developing ideas , strategic planning, and consulting on business ventures

Price Varies $125 · 1 hour

Business Coaching

One one One in depth strategic planning, road mapping, and business modeling.

Price Varies $250 · 3 hours


Teleigha Peavy