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1. Discover Your Essence

A thought-provoking conversation about who you are when you are at your best. Your essence conversation will take place over two sessions - the initial conversation and the discussion of results (available starting 3 days from initial conversation). The initial conversation takes about 90 minutes and should be scheduled for a time when you're not tired or rushed for time. Your results call will last an hour and will include discussion about how you come from a place based on your essence in your life. As part of this exercise you will need to be able to call 5-6 people who know you well for a brief conversation (10 minutes). After this conversation you may wish to continue onto 2. Survival Mechanisms.

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2. Identify Your Survival Mechanisms

PreRequisite: 1. Essence Survival Mechanisms are those knee-jerk reactions everyone has- your automatic ways of responding to stress or fear or discomfort. This follows the essence conversation about who you are when you're coming from your best self. Having a good handle on these two facets of your personality will give you an awareness of your automatic reactions. With awareness comes the ability to choose, will you react from your essence, or allow your SM to steer the car? This conversation consists of two one hour sessions held about a week apart.

$100 · 1 hour

Video Series Volunteer

For folks interested in volunteering for my ongoing interview series about living with ADHD as an adult. -------- THE WHY: What If...Coaching is excited to be celebrating “ADHD Awareness Month” by supporting adults newly diagnosed with ADHD find their balance. In support of this mission, I’m producing a video series throughout this October talking to YOU via video about what your experience getting diagnosed was like, what your first time on medication (if applicable) was like and just kind of what’s changed in your life since receiving your diagnosis. I plan for each call to last 20-30 minutes. The actual daily videos will be under 2 minute clips from these interviews. My goal is to demystify the process and experience of being diagnosed as an adult with a range of first hand experiences. You do not need to have ADHD. OCD, anxiety, and other disorders are also relevant to this audience. I would really appreciate your help with this project. There are new people being diagnosed everyday and from what I’m seeing in various forums, many of them are seeking the same information. “So, what does this really MEAN moving forward?” Your experiences can help normalize their concerns and may even be the push someone needs to seek help. Thanks so much for your support - I appreciate you all so much ❤

Free · 30 minutes

Phone consultation

Price Varies · 45 minutes

Coaching Session - 1 hour phone or video

One hour via phone or video. Minimum 3 month contract required after initial contract - exceptions available for a limited duration due to Covid.

Price Varies · 1 hour

Exploratory Call

Want to learn more about coaching in general, or working with Lori specifically? This is the appointment you want. Bad at holding yourself to commitments? Choose the optional "commitment contract" with a refundable $25 no-show fee to help you meet your agreement.

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