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Initial Acupuncture Visit

The initial acupuncture appointment allows me to make an appropriate Chinese medical diagnosis based on your history and your current signs and symptoms. To help guide the diagnostic process, I will go over your medical history, take your pulses, and examine your tongue. You will also be encouraged to ask any questions you may have about acupuncture and Chinese medicine. You will then be given a treatment appropriate for your chief complaint, to include needling and other treatment modalities (e.g., moxabustion, cupping, guasha, and e-stim) as indicated.

$140 · 2 hours

Follow-up Acupuncture Session

Although each patient and illness is unique, you may require follow-up appointments to resolve your chief complaint. The number of follow-up visits needed depends on the amount of time you have been suffering with a particular condition, the complexity of the health issue, and your general level of health. The rule of thumb is to figure on one treatment for each month you have been bothered by a particular issue. As treatment continues, you will likely experience other improvements in your health (seemingly unrelated to your primary health concern) as you become more balanced and equipped to handle the physical and emotional stresses of life. Needling and other Chinese medical techniques (e.g., moxabusion, cupping, guasha, e-stim, and bleeding) are performed during follow-up visits as appropriate.

$80 · 1 hour 15 minutes

Restorative Acupuncture Session

During a restorative session, patients are provided with a gentle acupuncture treatment aimed at reducing the body's response to daily stress, whether stemming physical or emotional triggers. Stress underlies almost all illnesses. This approach to healing can be done as a stand-alone treatment or as part more comprehensive acupuncture services targeted to your individual health issues.

$50 · 45 minutes

Cupping/Gua Sha session

Cupping and Gua Sha are Chinese medical tools to help reduce inflammation and pain. Both can increase blood flow to problem areas, as well as provide systemic relief. Note: this session does NOT include insertion of needles.

$30 · 30 minutes


Rachel Wilson