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Spirit-Guided Energy and Akashic Healing; Spiritual Coaching
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Our Services

Free 30-Minute Spark Session
Let's talk to discuss what you are struggling with, what kind of help you are seeking, and how my services can help you find the healing and insights you need. Clarity and sparks guaranteed!
Students Enrolled in Soul Embodiment Program: 90-Minute One-on-One
This is for students enrolled in my Soul Embodiment and Intuition Program for Akashic Records healing and Reiki attunements. Book your session for phone, or in person at my DTC office: DTC Crescent VI 8400 East Crescent Parkway, Suite #697, 6th Floor Greenwood Village, CO 80130 These sessions are included in your program package. Bring questions!
Via Phone: 90-Minute Intuitive Guidance and Healing Session
90-Minute Intuitive Guidance and Healing Session via Phone. A divine mix of deep energy healing and balancing, intuition from the angel realm and your Akashic Records, and clearing of blocks and blinders. Releases stress, heals trauma, helps you receive clarity and intuition you need to be the best YOU you already are. Connect with your Divine Guides, understand current circumstances, receive intuitive guidance for next steps on your beautiful journey. It's all about shining a light on that which is keeping you from your own clarity, connection, and feeling joyful!
In Person Session: 90-Minute Intuitive Guidance and Energy Healing
Incorporates many techniques to bring you to healing and clarity, including: Channeled guidance, deep emotional and physical healing, energy clearing and harmonizing, release of trauma and stress, chakra healing, assistance with ascension integration, working with your Spirit Guides, and more. At my office in the Denver Tech Center: DTC Crescent VI 8400 East Crescent Parkway Suite #600 Greenwood Village, CO 80130
Ask About Your Intuitive Children--Free Consultation
I work with kids who are either struggling, or awakening to their own unique intuitive gifts. Some of them have deep trauma or fear. Some 'see' Spirit. Some have repeating patterns of dreams or fears that can't be explained logically. Some talk to angels or ghosts or both! Kids are amazing in their abilities to connect--and sometimes that is even quite scary for their parents. I get it. If you have questions, if you'd like to chat about your child and what he or she is experiencing, or what healing or tools may be helpful, set up a free 30-minute Spark session to discuss your questions, and we'll see where things go!

Our Staff

Suzanne Rainey
I'm an Akashic Records Energy Healer and Intuition Coach. I teach Reiki for personal growth and healing, and I help seekers open their own unique intuitive abilities and connect with their Guides. I look forward to talking with you soon!