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Speciality is Japanese Gel Nail Art Design. ジェルネイルアートを提供しています。I use Japanese gel : Presto, Grace, Vetro ( Over 100 color selection),
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10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
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10:00 AM - 8:00 PM
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10:00 AM - 8:00 PM
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Open today until 7:00 PM

Our Services

Gel Removal with new set (Hand)
Please choose if you need 必要な場合 -soak off gel removal
Other salon work—Gel removal with new set(Hand)
Please choose if you need (other salon work) price will depend on gel. - ONLY soak of gel (NO acrylic/dip power/builder/hard gel)
Gel Removal with new set (Feet)
With new set. gel removal only is $15+.
Gel removal only (hand)
Depends on your gel nails. Overlay $20, extension removal $35+. No available for other salon work removal.
Gel mani + Full nail art
Nail art (all hand painted, all charms/3D/decorations, blingbling, multi colors, Matt, custom) Price will be depending on nail art.
Gel mani + Full Nail Art/ombré/French (simple)
Ombré/ French/ simple nail art (simple germs/deco, simple hand painting, multi colors, Matt, custom) 7 finger nail art or more. Price will be depending on nail art.
Gel mani + Omakase full nail art
nail artist’s choice. Please let me know: color, theme.
Add on overlay (strength)
strength. Hard gel.
Gel Manicure(Basic)
one gel color ジェルネイルカラー (w/trim, shape, buff, dry cuticle care) excluded gel removal
Gel mani + Overlay
gel mani + strength. -Hard gel ジェルネイル+強 excluded gel removal
Add on water cuticle care
water cuticle care - hand
Add on 2 finger Nail Art
Total 2 finger nail art (1 nail art/each hand) $10 & up. Price will be depending on nail art. 2本のネイルアート希望
Add on 4 finger Nail Art
Total 4 nail art( 2 nail art /each hand). Price will be depending on nail art. 4本のネイルアート希望
Add on 5-6 finger Nail Art
Total 5-6 finger nail art. ( 2-3 nail art/ each hand). Price will be depending on nail art.ネイルアート5.6本希望
Add on Matt
Matt. No included nail art
Add on multi colors
Add 2 colors $5, 4/$10, 6/$15. カラー追加
Add on Chrome
Chrome nails. ミラーネイル
Add on Cat eye
only Cat eye color. No included nail art
Sculptured Gel extension
With form and included gel one color. price will be depending on length, your bare nail condition
Gel extension fill
(other salon work $10+)
Add on 1 gel nail extension
gel extension for 1 fingernail. 長さ出し1本
Add on 2 gel nail extension
gel extension for 2 fingernails. 長さ出し2本
Add on 3 gel nail extension
3 fingernails gel extension
Add on 4 gel nail extension
Add on 5 gel nail extension
Add on 6 or more gel nail extension
Additional Long length
Gel Pedicure-one color
フットジェル ワンカラー (over 100 colors selection)
Gel pedi + Nail Art
Gel pedi + Full Nail Art
Full nail art
Add on Mango Valentino Scrub
limited cube scrub for hands or foot 限定
with pedi chair ペディキュア (30 polishes selection)
polish :opi or butter LONDON (30colors selection) マニキュア
Add on Nail Art/Matt (polish)
Simple nail art with regular mani/pedi or Matt coat
Service Fee (Tips) 18%
Service Fee (Tips) 20%
Service Fee (Tips) 22%
Service Fee (Tips)
Gel Nail Lesson ジェルネイルレッスン
option: 3 hours, 6 hours, 9 hours. contact me for more information. 3時間からレッスン可能!
内容・アメリカでネイリストになる過程・アメリカでネイル開業・アメリカのネイル事情 15分から相談可能

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