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Our Services

Consultations for Emotion Code or LEAN Coaching or Both
This time is to choose how we will communicate Marco Polo - video Chat, Phone or email ...discuss options for your #1st Wellness Goal, And when you would like to begin your journey to becoming your best you!
Emotion Code
Once your first session is booked, you will receive an invite for the (Marco Polo- Video Chat) app. #1) download the app. link to be provided #2) respond with an "I'm ready to get started" chat.
Heart Wall Clearing Emotion Code
If a Heart Wall is detected during your Emotion Code Session-A series of sessions with 1-2 days of processing -approximately 6 sessions are needed.
Follow Up Sessions
By proxy via Marco Polo-Video Chat
Pet sessions
Animals have trapped Emotions too! 1) Book your pets appointment/ receive an invite for the ( Marco Polo - Video Chat) app. 2) Download app. link to be provided. 3) Send Marco Polo-video chat introducing your pet.
One on One Dr. Sears L.E.A.N. Coaching
Partnering with you to meet your wellness potential with scientifically proven education and motivation techniques. Book your appointment / Set up ( Marco Polo Video Chat) app. prior to your 1st session (link to be provided).
Wellness Coaching
Improving health using the application of scientifically proven habits relating to an area of your choice. examples: weight loss, emotional wellness, environmental health etc.Once your first session is booked, you will receive an invite for the (Marco Polo- Video Chat) app. #1) download app. #2) respond with " I'm ready for our first session" chat.
Organic Home Conversion Consultation
Organic Air, Clean pH Water, Eco friendly Cleaning and Laundry
Blood Type Test Kit and Basic Tutorial
After your (O, A, B or AB ) Blood Type results have been determined... A question/answer/tutorial and a Brief Action Plan including a three day food journal- is recommended. (See helpful links page on to order your self-test kit)

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