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Closed System Colonic Hydrotherapy

Therapist-Administered Colonic Hydrotherapy Our Closed system colon hydrotherapy features a gentle infusion of purified water into the rectum, by way of a sterile rectal disposable speculum. The process involves two separate lines, water in and water out. This helps cleanse the colon of toxins, gas, and accumulation of fecal matter. Our FDA registered Dotolo (closed system) allows waste material to be eliminated through the system and out the drain line. An I-ACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapist will assist you and will be with you for the entire treatment. The modesty, dignity and comfort of our clients at Advance Detox Center is always respected. (Please review Pre & Post Preparation)

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Detox Ionic Foot-Bath

Our body is challenged by an increase of chemicals creating more auto-immune disease, allergies and common infections. Toxins and chemicals can get stored in the body’s joints, organs, arteries, nerves and tissues, disrupting their ability to function and thus creating an environment for disease, allergies and immune system breakdown. Some researchers have found that most toxins (mucus, fat, Candida, heavy metals, parasites and various bacteria) are positively charged when they reside in the body and, attracted to the negative field of the ionic foot bath water, exit through the approximate 2000 pores in the feet. These are not proof of any particular ailment or condition, rather it is a cleansing process. The Session: The client sits in a calm quiet room with their feet immersed in a small tub of water with a device emitting special electrical currents to create negative ions in the water. Once the session ends the client rinses their feet and can go on with their normal day or to a different session of their choice. Before the Session: Avoid drinking liquids 1 hour before. It can make your bladder full while your feet are in the water. Avoid all diuretic foods prior to your appointment, including; coffee, tea and soda. These can dehydrate you and also make your bladder full. After a Session: You may feel relaxed for a few hours after your appointment. You might have more volume when you urinate. It may possibly have a stronger smell and different color and be foamy or filmy. It is important to drink more water than normal to assist the cleansing.

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Wellness Pro Cocoon

The Cocoon Infrared Sauna Pod provides the ultimate wellness, detoxification and weight loss therapy by using an infrared multi-sensory sauna system. The pod combines both dry heat and infrared heat with vibratory lymphatic drainage massage, aromatherapy, and pink Himalayan salt air for the ultimate body transformation and holistic wellness experience.

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Colonic Hydrotherapy-Open System

Self-Administered Advance Detox Center uses an FDA-registered Open System gravity-centered colonic called Angel of Water, that uses purified water with an Ultra Violet Water Purification System. The Angel of Water system uses a comfortable, specially designed table to facilitate the evacuation process. It features comfortable leg rests along the side of the table and a slot with a drain in the bottom of the table to cleanly remove waste during treatment. A sterile speculum with a very small hose is inserted. Then a flow of purified, temperature-regulated water gently flows into the colon. Liquid waste simply exits around the speculum, eliminating the accumulation of toxins and promoting a clean, healthy body. (Please Review Before & After Care Instructions)

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Ear Candling

Once an age-old remedy, the practice of Ear Candling is now making its resurgence in modern times. This treatment was used in India, China, Tibet, Egypt, Mayan, Aztec and American Indian cultures. It appears to have dated back to Lemuria and Atlantis. Sometimes referred to as Ear Coning, the method used varied considerably, but the desired results were always the same. The practice was used to cleanse the ear canal. Ear Candling is becoming more widely recognized among skilled practitioners. Today’s practitioners have continued the practice much like the Ancients. Candles have improved over the years to meet the ease and comfort of a client as well as the sanitary guidelines of modern day.

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Crystal has been in the colon-cleansing world for 18 years. She has studied many holistic modalities. She loves helping others achieve better health with a natural approach. Her holistic guidelines help others to choose the best lifestyle they can and live life to the fullest. Through her own experiences, Crystal has become a firm believer that healing starts from within and that proper digestion is vital for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Crystal has a passion for educating others in helping them achieve optimal health and for increasing awareness of complementary and alternative therapies. A number of years ago she decided to open up her first center that focuses on holistic digestive healing through integrated methods all under one roof and is proud to offer both the Open and Closed Colon Hydrotherapy Systems. She is dedicated to creating a pleasant experience for all clients who visit the center and provides a friendly, warm and professional environment.


Deah has been in the Colon Cleansing world for over 11 years. Her curiosity with health started at an early age. Her mother and father both are very active in the natural health world. Deah was excited to start her own health journey and began working at her mother’s Colon Cleansing Center in Apple Valley, Ca. at the young age of 18. Deah began operating the Rancho Cucamonga Location in 2009, in which has been a great success. Deah is a great listener who is personable, compassionate and understanding which allows clients to feel relaxed and taken care of. Her goal is to be a part of this great healing community by learning and sharing how to stay healthy in today’s toxic world.


Ilana Comes with an extended knowledge and experience in the Colon Hydrotherapy world. She started her Colon Hydrotherapy career in Israel and trained through the International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy (I-ACT) in 2007. Ilana is a great listener who is personable, compassionate and understanding which allows clients to feel relaxed and taken care of. Her goal is to be a part of this great healing community by learning and sharing how to stay healthy in today’s toxic world.