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Free Nutrition Consultation

The nutrition consultation is the first step towards your healing journey and will involve assessing your unique needs. I will meet you in person to discuss your health history and goals and plan for further nutrition counseling.

Refundable deposit required $10 · 1 hour

Free Energetic Consultation

Energy makes the entire being and universe. A negative energy field attracts illness, stress, and conflict. The energetic consultation involves scanning the individual’s energy field and setting a course of action for energetic balancing. The Healy device has a quantum sensor that scans and recommends programs to address imbalances ranging from chakras, homeopathic, energy meridians, nutrients, & more.

Refundable deposit required $10 · 1 hour

Free Fitness Consultation & Assessment

The free consultation includes meeting with you personally to understand your needs, setting goals, picking your package, signing paperwork, and observing the workout area in your home to ensure that I bring proper equipment & customize your routine based on the environment. A generalized fitness test including balance, strength, flexibility, cardio, endurance, & composition is also performed to serve as a starting point.

Refundable deposit required $10 · 1 hour


Riley Romazko