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~Reiki Session

Full energy (chakra) healing session with assessment of chakras, clearing and balancing/alignment. We will discuss your areas that need healing before the session and have a recap and brief discussion after. Includes aromatherapy.

$55 · 50 minutes

~Distance Reiki Session

Reiki works with energy and can reach anyone, anywhere. Book your preferred time and date. I am accustomed to working with people in various time zones of the world. If you need a specific time that is not listed on the calendar, email me to book at

$55 · 1 hour

~Reiki & Energy Guidance Session

This is the most requested service combination that I offer. This session offers a full Reiki Session with energy assessment, balancing and clearing when necessary, for your highest healing. It will be followed by an energy guidance session which will give you information on how to maintain balance and may include various tools that you can use to nurture and maintain energetic alignment.

$75 · 1 hour 20 minutes

~Intuitive Reading

An intuitive reading is very unique to each individual. I begin before the client arrives by going into channel. This simply means that I put my active mind aside to open myself to receiving messages for the client. I connect with the clients energy and channel any messages that come for them. Together, we decipher the meaning of the message, which is what makes it completely unique. I never filter what I receive; I simply deliver the message. I am channeling directly from Source energy, with the intention of the highest good for the client. I also use oracle cards at times for additional guidance.

$40 · 40 minutes

~Tranquil Meditation

My certifications in Reiki, Yoga & Mindfulness have provided me with a wide array of training in meditation, a practice I have come to love and appreciate. I have come to find that in a busy lifestyle, it is sometimes difficult for people to commit to a regular meditation practice, or to make time for it within the home environment. The Tranquil Meditation service aims to assist with this. In this 40- minute service, I hold space for you, to experience the tranquility, relaxation and re-connection that meditation can bring. We spend the first few minutes getting you settled into a position for meditation, either seated or laying down. (All props will be provided.) I will then lead you in a guided mediation for your specific requests during that session (relaxation, stress reduction, spiritual connection, etc...), which we will identify before session. I will then quietly hold space for you to relax into the meditation with tranquil music. A gentle chime of a bell will bring you back to your senses, and will conclude the session. This service can be done in person or via a video call. ***For video call appointments, you just need to ensure you have a place that you can have quiet and be comfortable for 40 minutes.

$45 · 40 minutes


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