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In-person appointments at Leavenworth Yoga, 521 Delaware St.
(If you need a session time that is not listed as available, or a would like to schedule a virtual/distance session, please email with your preferred date/time to request.)
11:15 AM - 4:00 PM
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Our Services

Reiki Session
Full energy (chakra) healing session with assessment of chakras, clearing and balancing/alignment. We will discuss your areas that need healing before the session and have a recap and brief discussion after. Includes aromatherapy.
Distance Reiki Session
Reiki works with energy and can reach anyone, anywhere. Book your preferred time and date. I am accustomed to working with people in various time zones of the world. If you need a specific time that is not listed on the calendar, email me to book at empoweredenergy.me@gmail.com
Reiki & Energy Guidance Session
This is one of the best combinations that I offer. This session offers a full Reiki Session with energy assessment, balancing and clearing when necessary, for your highest healing. It will be followed by an energy guidance session which will give you information on how to maintain balance and may include various tools that you can use to nurture and maintain energetic alignment.
Channeled Reading
A channeled reading is very unique to each individual. I begin before the client arrives by going into channel. This simply means that I put my active mind aside to open myself to receiving messages for the client. I connect with the clients energy and channel any messages that come for them. Together, we decipher the meaning of the message, which is what makes it completely unique. I never filter what I receive; I simply deliver the message. I am channeling directly from Source energy, with the intention of the highest good for the client.
Shamanic Journeying
Shamanic journeying allows one to travel, in a safe meditative state, to explore a deeper experience and retrieve information. My role is to guide you there, using multiple senses. I utilize drumming music in the shamanic tradition, drums, rattles, and other instruments as well as scents such as essential oils, scented waters and smokes and incense. The purpose of shamanic journeying is to meet a spirit guide that will help you to reveal and uncover answers. No two journeys are alike. ***I do not use any sort of hallucinogens or substances to facilitate your journey.*** I do offer a chamomile tea at the start of each journey to help foster deep relaxation. Upon return from your journey, we discuss so that I can assist you in deciphering your journey. We then conclude with art that you take home. *This service requires pre-payment in full. I do take appointment requests; just send me an email.
Mindset Mentor Consultation (complimentary)
10-minute complimentary call to discuss your goals and how we can work together. As a Mindset Mentor, I help you find your way to empowerment. To book your complimentary call, just send me an email directly with the ideal time to call, including your number and time zone. Email: empoweredenergy.me@gmail.com

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