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Coaching Consultation | 15 Minutes | FREE

We will explore the benefits of a coaching relationship and design a plan to help you move forward.

Free · 15 minutes

First Friday Motivational Group

Join a Small Group of Women on Mission to Move Their Lives Forward! We meet online from 12pm-1pm on the First Friday of every month. $40 charge per month, due of the 5th of each month. We use the power of the group to build strategy, set goals, stay accountable and to network.

Monthly on the First Friday $40 · 55 minutes

30 Minute, Coaching Session

30 Minute Coaching Session

$50 · 30 minutes

1 Hour, Coaching Session

1 Hour Coaching Session

$100 · 55 minutes

Forward Subscription | $100 | 12 months, 2, 30 minutes sessions per month.

A twelve month subscription that offers, 2 Coaching Session per month subscription that helps you move your life forward consistently.

$100 · 30 minutes

Traction Subscription | $150 | 6 months, 3, 30 minute sessions per month

A six month subscription, with 3, 30 minute sessions per month to help you gain traction in your life.

$150 · 30 minutes

Abundance Package | 1 Year Unlimited Coaching

Put a system in place to see an abundance of life transformation throughout the year. A year of coaching for a lifetime of change!

$1,500 · 30 minutes

Flourish Package | 4, 30 Minute Coaching Sessions

You were made to flourish. Throughout our 4, 30 minutes session. you will have an opportunity to grow, strengthen and establish the purpose you were uniquely designed to fulfill.

$300 · 30 minutes

Thrive Package | 8, 30 Minute Sessions

Move beyond flourish and thrive! We will sink deep roots into the source of life and access the untapped potential you've been waiting to see become reality!

$600 · 30 minutes


Denise Dietz