Founded in 2008 by multi-passionate Creative, Chrissy Ferguson, IridescentMoment is a portable/mobile, healing + creative arts business with a focus on exquisite, quality, handcrafted crystal jewelry, Usui Reiki, and Photography. All of Chrissy's offerings are available locally to southern Oregon as well as globally and already enjoyed by magnificent souls in the U.S., Australia, Spain, Canada, England, Scotland, France, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, & New Zealand. 
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Our Services

Reiki - 30 min Session
Excellent for focus on a specific area/issue/concern or for those who may have difficulty sitting or laying still for more than 30 mins. "Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing." - Certified Reiki Practitioner, ​Chrissy's warm, soothing hands have been described as confident yet gentle, extremely powerful channels of energy, and angelic. Let Chrissy ease your tension, stress, or pain and guide your body, mind, and soul back into clarity and alignment with optimum wellbeing. Includes a couple mins of touching base & approximately 20-25 mins of treatment time while you are fully clothed and comfortably sitting in a reclining chair. Great for head/neck/shoulder tension or tired feet or lower back and hip pain, and general relaxation. **LOCATION INFO: Chrissy has a zero-gravity reclining chair she takes with her for on-location client appointments in southern Oregon (ie your home or garden, office, etc. In good weather, a quiet park is ideal). Chrissy also has a studio space available for appointments at the magnificent holistic beauty and wellness collective Restoration Beauty Organic Salon at 213 SW 4th St., Grants Pass, OR 97526
Reiki - Distance Session
Everything is energy. Similarly to how two cell phones can connect without being together, Chrissy's 2nd Degree Reiki attunement allows her to tap into universal life force energy, sending that energy across time and space to bring your whole being into a more relaxed and serene state. This encourages your body's natural ability to heal itself and increase your wellbeing. Prior to beginning the session, Chrissy will call you at the scheduled time to check in with you and address any questions or concerns you're experiencing, so you receive the most benefit from your session.
Photography - Portrait Session
Basic Personal or Family Portrait Session includes up to 1 hour of photographer's time on agreed upon outdoor location, including your wardrobe changes, and a minimum of 20 lightly edited, full resolution photo files uploaded (within 10 business days or sooner) with full (c) permissions shared with you for you to do whatever you’d like with your photos (ie photo cards, web, social media or or prints). *****PLEASE MAKE SURE that you have coordinated your service date and location with Chrissy prior to completing payment. :)
Photography Consultation - Phone or In-Person
With over a decade of professional photography experiences, meet with Chrissy in person at a coffee house in southern Oregon (or via Skype if you’re not local) to learn more about her photography services, skills, and style and see if your event and Chrissy’s style are a good fit. Visit to view her work today and book your appointment.

Our Staff

Chrissy Ferguson
Chrissy is a Creatrix of Light and the sole owner/designer/maker at IridescentMoment Healing Arts Studio. She is an intuitive healer who further developed her deeply rooted passions working holistically with the natural elements around her after an inspirational and serendipitous breast cancer battle in 2011. Through making different choices that align her to optimum wellbeing in body, mind, and soul, and a commitment to ongoing personal growth, Chrissy went from surviving to THRIVING. Chrissy is passionate about her intention of choosing to create tools + services with deliberate, conscious love in action to help you align with optimum wellbeing in heart, mind, and soul so that you TOO may go from simply existing in life to thriving! Learn more about Chrissy's whole journey here: