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Free Consultation: Questions and Answers 45 min

You can take this opportunity to sit down and ask questions about my process as it relates to acting / auditions. It too, is simply a meeting to see what your goals and desired outcomes are - as they relate to Auditions, Actor-Training, Interview Techniques, and / or audition anxiety. OR - You can use the session for advice and guidance as it relates to acting and auditioning - Great for HS actors and their parents to get acquainted with expectations for College Auditions. It gives others a chance to address specific actor issues and concerns as it relates to the industry. Finally -- Are we a good fit for each other? NO WORK SESSIONS.

45 minutes

Auditions: Undergrad and Graduate auditions Hourly and Monthly available

For additional information contact me at or directly at 619-880-3020 Hourly and Monthly packages available. Undergraduate and Graduate Auditions - find the right school - Approach them in the most effective way - Get the right kind of monologues - Interview and Call-back techniques -- All the work here -- has been proven outstanding when looking for the training you seek. Cost: $85 (I recommend the monthly packages - Considerably less expensive.

1 hour 20 minutes

Auditions: Pre-Screening Only for BFA and MFA Submissions

Please contact Jeffrey Ingman at: or 619-880-3020 if you have questions or want to schedule directly with me. More often than not - You are now being asked for pre-screening materials -- Including Essays, Video Auditions and "About Me" videos. I can be of great service here! Please contact asap if you have pre-screening or even a post audition video being required of you. I have great success with how to best film the screenings. I can also video tape for you -- but this will increase the cost.

Starting at · 1 hour

College Essays and Interview Techniques

A KEY to getting through the screening process -- I can teach you how to create powerful 'letters of Intent' and requested essays for College, University and conservatory applications. Interviewing for entry into a theatre program, (Especially BFA and MFA) is a unique process - I have very effective tools for the interview. Cost: Varies based on where you are in the process.

1 hour

Auditions: Monthly Coaching: 4 sessions @ 90 minute per session.

Actors meet for private Coaching: 4 Sessions @ 90 minutes each (6 hours) Total Cost. $360. Sessions can be divided in any configuration within the month. Please contact me at email: or directly at 619-880-3020

6 hours

Auditions: Monthly Packages: 4 sessions 1 hour each session

Private coaching for academic and professional auditions Monthly rate 4 sessions @ 1 hour each. $280 Please contact Jeffrey Ingman directly at 619-880-3020 or at for questions and scheduling.

4 hours

Flash Coaching: Last minute Audition Coaching online

If you have only a day or two prepare for the audition monologues, commercial copy, self-tape, or cold reading - you can get immediate coaching with Mr. Ingman. Contact Jeffrey directly for an appointment - 619-247-7603. Cost: $85 hourly.

$55 · 1 hour


Jeffrey Ingman