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Counseling and consulting services.
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Our Services

Individual Session
Drug Test
12 panel
Renewal Intake
This is the first meeting where the client gets to know Connection Points and complete biopsychosocial info.
Recovery Planning Session
During this session a treatment type plan is developed by the client guided by the clinician/staff member.
Life Plan
This is plan for growth and development of the client which includes a list of objectives and Living Free Recovery groups to meet those objectives.
Relapse Prevention Planning
This is an Individual Session designed to develop a relapse prevention plan for the client, which includes groups, individual sessions, family and other support members meetings.
Couples Counseling 6-7 sessions
Counseling a couple. $36.00/ session. (At least 6 sessions) Schedule duration Open Office hours.
Pre-marital Counseling
A minimum of 6 hours is required. Call for an appointment:260-209-4596
MRT-Moral Reconation Therapy
16 weeks$25/week plus $27.00 for the workbook. Call for dates and times: 260-209-4596.
Pre-marital and Wedding Ceremony
As an ordained minister, Dr. Daniel Schreck can also perform the wedding ceremony, on,y after all pre-marital counseling has been completed. Call for appointment: 260-209-4596.
Theft Intervention Program
For people that have been arrested with charges is stealing, theft, or conversion. $15.00 for the workbook plus 8 1/2hours of classroom. Dates: Please call 260-209-4596.
Living Free Recovery Group
A weekly group $26.00 for workbook and 13 weeks (1 hour per week) at $5.00/ week
Couples Individual Session
Registration for Facilitator Training
Living Free Facilitator Training Fee includes: Workbook, Lunch, Certificate, and networking If you need CEUs there is an addition cost.
CEUs for training
This is an addition fee for those who desire Continuing Education Credits.
Aversion Therapy Pack
A package of ammonia inhalants containing 10 single use capsules to be used when triggered or there’s a craving to detour the mind From thinking the same way it always has.
Respect Book
Substance Abuse
Missed Appiintment
Pre-marital counseling
Couples Session
Individual session-cash
Orientation Cash
Individual- Cash

Our Staff

Daniel Schreck