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Dollhouse Of Beauty, located in Houston, provides excellent care in an exceptional setting. At Dollhouse Of Beauty, we’re dedicated to providing you with the best non-surgical beauty solutions. Our friendly, well-trained team of professionals is focused on providing the highest possible quality of treatment at an affordable rate. At DOLLHOUSE OF BEAUTY, we offer a wide variety of beauty solution options, ranging from body contouring to cellulite reduction. Give us a call today to schedule your initial appointment, or to learn more about our wide range of services. The Dollhouse Of Beauty team looks forward to meeting you! Please arrive 15 minutes early for new appointments!
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Our Services

Microblading With Touch Up Within 8 Weeks
Microblading + touch up within 6-8 weeks (Discount $25 when you bring a friend for Microblading)
Microblading 1 Year Touch-up
Touch 1 year or after
Ultrasound Cativation/RF/Sauna Detox & Vibration Package
$160.00 for 1 treatment 3 treatments packages (Please check price List above)
Radiofrequnecy (Skin Tightening)
$85 per treatment *Advised 6-12 treatments for best results (10% discount with package of 6 f 12 treatments)
Ultrasound Cavitation & RF Package/ Vibration Therapy
$120.00 per treatment *Package discounts available
Sauna Blanket (30 Min)
$60.00 per treatment $75.00 with a wrap
Ionic Foot Detox (30 min)
Face Lift
$99.00 ( per treatment)
Butt Lift (non-surgical)
Vibration Therapy
Consultation w/ a medical professional
A 15 minutes consult with a Registered Nurse to discuss a treatment plan best for you. The $15.00 fee will be added any services given.
Monthly Specials
Call 1-877-772-8508 to see if there are monthly specials. February Specials: 1. Skin Tightening specials 2. Cavitation/RF/ Vibration Therapy 50% off 2 treatments and 4 treatments. 2 treatments for $120.00 and 4 treatments for $240.00
Sculptice with Wood Therapy

Our Staff

Danielle Harding BSN, RN