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Tattoo appointment

Appointments are extremely restricted right now due to covid, please only book for 11am or 4pm. Include a basic description of the tattoo in the appointment notes, and do not book your official tattoo appointment before consulting with me through email, thank you!

$60 · 3 hours

Small Tattoo (1hr and below)

Please only book after consulting over email, this type of appointments are for tiny tattoos that take minimal time (ex. tattoos that are two inches or less, or small linework only pieces). Only choose this option if you’ve been told over email that it applies.

$60 · 1 hour

Touch up

If you are a past or current client in need of a touch up, book one here! Touch ups do not require a deposit and the first one is free. Please book at either 1pm or 5pm. If you require a complete rework or cover up, please book a full appointment.

1 hour 30 minutes


Isadora Beauvais-Littler