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$19 · 5 minutes


$19 · 5 minutes


$19 · 5 minutes


$19 · 5 minutes

Migraine Infusion

Help prevent the onset with regular infusions.

$119 · 35 minutes

SPG Block

Treatment for acute migraine sufferers. Immediate relief that doesn’t require and IV.

$69 · 30 minutes

Athletic Performance Infusions

Boost your performance and recover faster!

$119 · 30 minutes

Athletic Performance Plus

Boost your performance and recover faster...adds more essential vitamins plus a glutathione push for scavenging free radicals for even faster recovery!

$129 · 35 minutes

Fatigue and Fibromyalgia

Specifically designed infusions to help with those suffering from fatigue and fibromyalgia symptoms.

$99 · 35 minutes

Immune Support and Recovery

Great infusion for those who travel, feel a cold or flu coming on, pre/post surgery and the immune compromised.

$109 · 25 minutes

High dose Vitamin C (5grams)

A great immune booster and skin refresher!

$65 · 30 minutes

High dose Vitamin C (10grams)

Immune boost and refresher!

$85 · 30 minutes

Glutathione Push

Powerful Antioxidant, detoxifier and performance enhancer!

$45 · 5 minutes

Glutathione addition

Added on to any vitamin infusion for that extra boost!

$35 · 5 minutes


Special formulation to get back to your normal self after a fun night out or as a pre-game before the fun begins!

$79 · 30 minutes

NAD+ Infusion for Anti-Aging, Athletic Performance and Brain Reboot.

Anti-aging, Athletic Performance and Brain Reboot Infusion. Promotes cellular repair and regeneration on a genetic level.

$399 · 2 hours

NAD+ for neurodegeneration

$599 · 3 hours


Infusionrxny Staff