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Targeted Joint Rx

Targeted cryotherapy on a joint area, which will help to instantly relieve pain and inflammation l, and accelerate healing in the next 24-48 hours. No down time.

$45 · 5 minutes

Whole Body Targeted

You now get to receive the benefits of whole body cryotherapy in your home, with our pressurized targeted device. We start the treatment from your head and follow the spinal and neural pathways to set of the physiological responses in the body as a whole chamber would. The pressurized treatment adds an invigorating element and allows for the treatment to be super fast.

$75 · 5 minutes

Targeted Muscle Treatment

$55 · 5 minutes

The Glow Up - CryoFacial 2.0

Our Popular Cryofacial is done with a pressurized system and Dry cold vapor. This treatment give you an instant Glow. The blast of cold on your face enhances collagen production which promotes toning of the skin, anti aging, reduction in fatigue and inflammation. We do jaw line and cheek contouring with it and it is an instant mood booster It significantly helps ameliorate: - Migraines - Acne - Grogginess

Ask about Dollface Special $65 · 5 minutes


Dionne McGinn