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90 Minute Orthopedic Massage

Plenty of time for full body plus good time for focus areas. Be assured, full body is not necessary, focus work can be super rewarding! And/or everything needs some TLC, plus some focus work. The choice is 100% always yours to decide in the moment.

$210 · 1 hour 30 minutes

75 Minute Orthopedic Massage

This has been a standard booking for most people who need a tad more time than a 60, but don't need 90. Time for a full body + some specific areas needing focus.

$175 · 1 hour 15 minutes

Private Yoga Therapy

Learn the amazing power of less is more! Of slow forms of Yoga yolking breath with movement. Learn that Savasana or Mountain Pose is ALL you really need to heal the body through the sacred geometry of the human body with deep oxygenation of breath! Yoga is not meant to be a work out!

$120 · 1 hour

Self Care Success & Myofascial Release

Get fully empowered in just ONE session here. Learn how to release fascia, trigger points, and discomforts for your entire body or more specific regions of need. We use a very approachable inflatable 8-10" ball. The entire body is accessable, and this tool is FAR better than the foam roller!

$120 · 1 hour

Wellness Life Coaching

Learn the Universal Laws of Abundance & Manefestation to create a Life of Wellness that you would love! These are ancient well known Universal Laws that all successful people know about! EVERYTHING was created by a thought first, so learn how to power up your thoughts toward any dream! For real! This stuff works! I can personally attest to this changing my life FOREVER!

$120 · 1 hour 15 minutes


$60 · 1 hour

30 Minute Infrared BioMat session

*Amethyst & Tourmaline Gemstone Filled *Negative Ions *Infrared Heat Wave Benefits Include: • Far Infrared Waves increases Peripheral Blood Flow • Far Infrared Heat Therapy Relieves Joint Pain & Stiffness • The Negative Ions Reduce Stress & Fatigue • Far Infrared Improves Immune System Function • Far Infrared Detoxifies the Body • Supports Anti-Aging Reducing Acidity & Increasing Alkalinity

$40 · 30 minutes

60 Minute Orthopedic Massage

On some people, this is a perfect full body nothing too specific amount of time! I can also spend a full hour on just your head, neck, and shoulders! Or half that luxury on just your feet!

$140 · 1 hour

120 Minute Orthopedic Massage

My personal favorite! Ample time spent on specific needs, full body everything! Ample time spent twice on head,neck, shoulders, and feet + anything else and everything else you need!

$280 · 2 hours


Joelle Marie Cogliati