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Gel-X 4 Week Fill

Building apex to nail before finishing with polish.

$90 路 2 hours 45 minutes


Gel-X extensions are a revolutionary way in gaining instant length to any gel manicure service. No longer do you have to build out, you just place and cure, it鈥檚 that simple. Typically last until gel fill which is between 4-6 weeks.

$110 路 3 hours

Gel-X 5 Week fill

This is a 5 week grow out gel fill. Please choose the correct week as rebalance is needed after 6 weeks.

$100 路 30 minutes

Gel-X Rebalance

This service is required after 6 weeks of grow out. A rebalance shifts the apex up to the appropriate location in order for your nails to grow out healthy and strong.

$110 路 30 minutes


Must be added to any service bookings. This fee is used for traveling supplies and transportation.

$30 路 5 minutes


MANicure designed for men who understand that they to need a little grooming. We start by grooming the nail and removing dead cuticle. Then finishing with a 5 minute dermal wrap and hand massage. Once you see your hands come back to life you will see why its so important to maintain healthy hands and nails.

$65 路 1 hour

Classic Manicure

Manicure with nail grooming, cuticle removal, hand massage and finishing with your choice of nail polish (one color)

$45 路 1 hour

Gel Manicure

Manicure with nail grooming, cuticle removal, hand massage and your choice of gel nail polish (one color) and gel removal.

$65 路 1 hour 45 minutes

Classic Pedicure

Pedicure with nail grooming, cuticle removal, scrub, foot massage and your choice of nail color ( one color)

$50 路 1 hour 5 minutes

Gel Pedicure

Pedicure with nail grooming, cuticle removal, foot massage and your choice of gel polish (one color) and gel removal.

$85 路 2 hours

Young Nail Mani-Q

Young Nail Mani-Q, A clearly superior, sublimely resilient, entirely new way to enhance natural nails and keep them beautiful, long and strong. Add to a gel manicure for a harder gel finish and extend the life of your manicure

$10 路 10 minutes


Penetrating toughening agent that fuses together the nail鈥檚 top layers to improve nail plate integrity under any Gel Polish Coating. Also used to keep your natural nails strong so that they grow long!

$25 路 20 minutes

Callus Remover

Just a tad bit rough and don't know what to do! Add this to any Pedicure for an 80-97% reduction in calluses.

$20 路 10 minutes


$1 a minute for hand or foot massage up to 30 minutes. Please state how long of a massage in the message portion on the booking page.

Starting at $1 路 30 minutes

Silk Wrap Fix

Piece of silk used to repair breakage of the nail.

$10 路 30 minutes

Gel Removal

Removal of gel polish with no additional service.

$30 路 35 minutes

Fairy Dust Non Gel

Added fairy dust glitter to any regular nail lacquer

$10 路 30 minutes

Meyako Isaiah

Graduated at the top of his class with a 4.0 GPA Meyako Isaiah is bringing his vision to life. MANicurist at Two Brown Eyed Girls since 2015, he perfected the art of nail grooming, cuticle removal & precision polishing making his polish last 7-31 days +