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Lip, Chin, Brow, Underarm

$45 · 40 minutes

Brazilian Pack

Buy 4 Brazilians, get 5th Brazilian free! Add an underarm wax to any Brazilian Pack appointment for $15!

$220 · 1 hour

Underarm Detox

At some point, we'll all experience clogged pores in our underarms. Whether its from deodorant, oil, sweat, dirt or all 3, its not fun! Underarm Wax, cleanse, exfoliate, vacuum suction, detox mask, moisturize.

$55 · 45 minutes

Leg Wax

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Arm Wax

2 Options

Underarm Wax

$30 · 30 minutes

Full Body Wax

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Booty Wax

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Lash Lift & Tint

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Lash Lift

No tint

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Vajacial Pack

Get 4 Basic Vajacials, get the 5th Vajacial free! Any appointment can be upgraded, just pay the difference on the day of your appointment!

$295 · 1 hour

Skin Pack

Buy 4 Spa Facials, get the 5th Spa Facial free! Add dermaplaning to your appointment for $15!

$300 · 1 hour

Virtual Skin Consultation

Prepay REQUIRED All consultations include skin care plans with professional product recommendation.

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Intimate Lightening

***CONSULTATIONS ARE REQUIRED TO BOOK!*** $125 per session 3 sessions: $325 - Best Results! 4 sessions: $400 5 sessions: $500 Home care products included!

3 Options

Girl’s Night Out!

MUST BOOK 1 MONTH ADVANCE! Need a Girls Night idea!? Choose 2 services @ $115 per person: 30 minute Mini Facial 30 Minute Yoni Steam 30 Chair Massage 30 Minute Teeth Whitening Choose 3 services @ $155 per person: 30 minute Mini Facial 30 Minute Yoni Steam 30 Chair Massage 30 Minute Teeth Whitening MINIMUM 4ppl, MAXIMUM 8ppl ***All parties are responsible for their own food, drinks and utensils.*** $100 deposit required to book and deducted from total balance.

Text For More Info! · 4 hours 30 minutes

Yoni Steam

Yoni Steaming, also known as vaginal steaming or vsteam, is a practice in which women use an herbal steam to enter into her vagina. Yoni steaming is an ancient practice trusted around the world. Benefits are not limited to significantly reducing pain and bloating during your menstrual cycle, tightening of the vaginal walls, maintains a healthy vaginal odor and relieves stress.

$55 · 30 minutes

Dermaplane Facial

A spa facial that includes an alternate method of exfoliation using a scalpel to gently but effectively remove layers of dead skin and vellus hair (peach fuzz) to reveal a brighter skin tone and smooth texture.

2 Options

Age Gracefully Facial

Aging is inevitable, we can't stop it, but we can certainly slow it down! In addition to the use of professional anti-aging products, the use of a protein lift masque and LED light therapy will help kick those fine lines and wrinkles to the curb!

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Face Lift Facial

This facial does exactly what it says! Perfect for those with intense fine line, expression wrinkles and large pores. Targets visible signs of aging, creases and crinkles. Keeps skin smooth, wrinkle free and improves moisture levels in the skin. For an additional $15 you can upgrade your exfoliation method to a dermaplane for an AMAZING result!

4 Options

LED Light Therapy Facial

LED therapy, also know as Light Emitting Diode Therapy, is a skin treatment that uses wavelengths of light in variation, including red and blue. LED Light Therapy is completely safe as lights do not contain ultraviolet rays and are sufficient for regular use. LED therapy is commonly used for aging skin, acne/cystic acne and hyperpigmentation.

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Oxygen Facial

Oxygen facials cleanse and purify congested pores, stimulate healthy cell turnover, and reveal smoother, more radiant skin. Great for those with tired, dull skin and amazing for acenic skin. Existing skin clients can upgrade their Oxygen Facial with an Oxygen Peel for best results!

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Sensitive Skin Facial

A spa facial that uses a professional skin care line specifically for those with sensitive skin as well as those going through chemotherapy.

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TCA Peel

***For Existing Skin Clients!*** The 10% TCA Depigmentation Peel is mild but very effective and delivers lighteners down to the melanocyte without traumatizing the skin. The TCA Peel is buffered with azelaic, arbutin and kojic acids, which are tyrosinase inhibitors that control hyperpigmentation, melasma, or sun damage. The combination of these acids is a beautiful peeling treatment for evening skin tone, reducing acne, and retexturing the skin.. Trial sized post peel products provided, full size can be purchased on Your skin will visibly peel off your face for up 10 days, please plan accordingly.

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Chocolate Peel

***For Existing Skin Clients*** 50% lactic acid and the natural extracts of cocoa, resveratrol, and acai berry are combined to deliver superior refining, anti-aging, and skin restorative benefits. Yes, it does smell like chocolate! Brightens & Tightens Minimizes Pores Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles Reduce Pigmentation Increase Firmness & Elasticity Reduce Dull & Uneven Texture Lift & Firm Anti-Aging Trial sized post peel products provided, full size can be purchased on Your skin will visibly peel off your face for up 10 days, please plan accordingly.

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5 Berry Peel

***For Existing Skin Client*** This potent TCA and antioxidant peel is the perfect solution for photo-aging, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and acne. 5-Berry Pigment Control Peel combines 7% TCA and the reparative, protective, and anti-aging benefits of 5 natural berries: cranberry, raspberry, blueberry, blackberry, and bearberry. Trial sized post peel products provided, full size can be purchased on Your skin will visibly peel off your face for up 10 days, please plan accordingly.

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Micro Peel

*****NOT SUGGESTED FOR THOSE WITH SENSITIVE SKIN and/or ROSACEA***** This Micro Peel provides all the benefits of a light peel without any dryness or downtime. This antioxidant-rich micro peel is perfect for dull, environmentally damaged, congested and oily skin.

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Broke Best Friend Teen Facial

Teen acne is tough to combat, because there are so many contributing factors, it's really hard to figure out. This facial will help kill acne causing bacteria with help of, targeted treatment products, high frequency and LED light therapy in addition to home care counseling.

$115 · 1 hour 15 minutes

Laser Teeth Whitening

Pricing includes full size aftercare toothpaste! Laser teeth whitening is a process that takes your teeth 5 - 10 shades brighter in less that an hour and a half from start to finish. It is all natural, FDA approved, dental grade, plant-based gel, protecting against sensitivity. Lasts up to a year with the help of proper home care. TIP: The more water your drink before and after your appointment, the better your RESULTS!

$175 · 1 hour 5 minutes

Chocolate Facial

Everybody loves chocolate....right? This chocolate facial is as good as it sounds! Rich in antioxidants, like cocoa extract, delivers superior anti-aging and restorative benefits to boost circulation, influencing collagen to improve elasticity and brighten the skin's complexion.

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Spa Facial

2 Options

Not So Mini, Mini Facial

cleanse, mask and moisturize for those on the go

$55 · 40 minutes

Men’s Facial

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Back Facial

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Full Brazilian & Facial For Your 😸

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Booty Facial

Bum wax, bum strip not included, then cleanse, exfoliate, extraction and moisturize for a bootyful glow!

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Welcome Peel

Lactic Action 50 Exfoliator combines the exfoliation and skin brightening power of 50% lactic acid with active tyrosinase inhibitors and skin calming herbal extracts. Provides excellent exfoliating action while moisturizing, healing, and protecting the skin.

$75 · 30 minutes

Bikini Wax

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Brazilian Wax

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Full Face Wax

$35 · 30 minutes

Back Wax

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