We are a family-owned automotive service. Last year, we opened up the “first mobile tire service” in silicon valley and with the help of the car community, we were able to open up our shop! We now offer services such as mount and balance and alignments and new tires.

We provide you with the best service and lowest prices around!

With over 10+ years, in the automotive industry, we have created a solution to increase productivity which saves time for our clients. We provide professional tire service at a competitive price. We strive to help you move forwards by using our revolutionary euipment that will get you in and out of the shop as fast as possible.

We replace or fix your tires in a short amount of time with a truly friendly and caring service. We pride in adjusting to our clients circumstances and needs, especially when their tire problems are unexpected and unplanned.


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Our Services

Mounting and Balancing of tires. ( per wheel )
We properly mount and balance your tires without damaging your rims. You save money with ARmobiletire! We will rotate your tires for FREE as long as you purchase four tires and they're on your car! Service will only take 30 minutes for all 4 tires! MOST WHEELS $25 LOW PROFILE $30 STRETCH TIRE $45
Tire Rotation
Why is tire rotation recommended by most manufacturers? * Having regular tire rotations extend the use life of a set of tires. * Recommended tire rotation is every six months,( 6000-8000) * You save a lot of money by ensuring that your tire wears evenly. Service will only take 20 minutes for all tires!
Flat Repair
Your tire has a puncture? We can fix that for you. As long as the tire is repairable, no sidewall damages or abnormal wear, we will take the tire off and repair it the correct way! No plug or leaks here! Service will only take 30 minutes!
Tire alignment is the change or adjustment of a vehicle's suspension. Proper alignment leads to optimal contact with the road which means less uneven wear to your brand new tires and longer lasting tires! We suggest having an alignment when you change your tires for your safety and for tire warranty! BASIC ALIGNMENT $79.99 EUROPEAN $89.99 LOWERED AND MODIFIED $129.99
New tires
We carry only the most trusted tire brands such as Falken, Bridgestone, Hankook, TOYO, BF Goodrich and many more. Aside our on-hand inventory we can order virtually any tire that you may need for your car, pickup, truck, commercial trailer-truck, and machinery. If you have a preferred tire brand, please state below. Service will only take 35-45 minutes!

Our Staff

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