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4. 24-hour turnout COVID-19 Testing

Evaluation and testing for either PCR (nose swab -acute infection) and/or immunity-prior exposure with IgM and IgG Antibodies (blood test) to COVID 19 virus. Testing for past exposure and current immunity. Results available within 24 hours.

$250 · 30 minutes

5. NY state- Medical Cannabis Certification

NY state Compassionate Care Act (S7923) created legal protections for patients and caregivers and authorized the state to license and regulate “registered organizations” to cultivate and sell medical cannabis to patients. Patients must obtain a registration identification card after getting written certification from their physician. In order to certify patients for use of medical marijuana, physicians are required to take education courses, have medical expertise in the qualifying condition for which they wish to recommend cannabis, and provide continuous care of the patient in order for the patient to maintain legal protection. Physicians must also state the “dosage” patients should use, which determines the 30-day supply of medicine that the patient may possess.

$400 · 30 minutes

1. Immigration Civil Surgeon Initial Evaluation (I-693)

Evaluation for Immigration Exam (i-693). Includes physical exam, mandatory blood and urine tests, I-693 preparation.

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2. Initial Physician Appointment- Internal Medicine & Rheumatology

First visit for patients not previously seen in the office or Virtually. Reimbursed by the medical insurance as per their Out-of-Network policy. The office can submit the claim directly to the Medical Insurance for Reimbursement.

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3. Existing Patient Follow up

Commercially Insured patients previously seen in the office. Reimbursed by the medical insurance as per their Out-of-Network policy

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