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Private 30 Minute Music Lesson (Online)

Private 30 minute Online Lessons by select 3 O'Clock Rock Teachers. Read the teacher bios and select a teacher that suits your needs and/or child's needs. Note: Must Download (Free software)

$40 · 30 minutes


Amaury is a multi-instrumentalist from Berkeley, CA. He can play all styles of music and has a great musical ear. He is experienced on bass guitar, drums, guitar, keyboards and is currently taking more music classes at community college to improve his musical knowledge. Amaury has been teaching bands after school at Thornhill and Kaiser Elemetary schools this year, as well as teaching bands at our Downtown Oakland studios. He is a very patient teacher and is very good with kids. Amaury also plays with his band Flim Flam, who recorded their first original album “I Can Always Sleep” at 3 O’Clock Rock and released on our record label in 2017. You can listen to it here:


Bart Davenport is a singer-songwriter that specializes in voice, bass, and guitar. Born and raised in the Bay Area, he has been playing music since the age of 8. Bart’s musical roots are in Garage and Blues styles. One of his early bands, The Loved Ones, performed a raucous style of R&B, opening for the likes of Junior Wells and John Lee Hooker. In the 2000’s, Davenport went solo, and has since released six albums and has toured Europe and the US extensively. Kings of Convenience singer, Erlend Øye, has called him “the best one-guy-and-guitar performer there is.” Bart appears on a multitude of other releases as a band member, session player, producer, and is credited on recordings by Vetiver, Nick Waterhouse, Honeycut, Gift of Gab, Nedelle Torrisi, Sonny & The Sunsets and ‘Bart & The Bedazzled’. Bart looks forward to drawing from his musical experiences and sharing his musical knowledge with your kids! Listen to music by Bart Davenport:


Billy is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, song-writer and founder of 3 O'Clock Rock. He has been regularly teaching guitar, drums, and bass to kids and adults all over the greater East Bay for ten years. Billy’s enthusiasm, rock ‘n roll experience, and unique teaching style has ensured his continued success and will help get you on the road to success, too! Listen to Billy here:


Brendan has played piano since age seven and has a classical and jazz background in music. While studying English and Russian at Oberlin college, Brendan played electric bass and guitar in different bands. After graduating, he joined the burgeoning music scene in the Bay Area and has played in numerous projects since then. Brendan can teach multiple instruments including piano, bass, guitar, and drums. In addition, he can teach music theory, how to read music, and everything from Rock n Roll, to Dr John, to Django Reinhardt styles! In his spare time, you’ll find him practicing or reading about surrealism or politics or studying Russian. Brendan currently plays in the psych-punk band Turqouiz Noiz. Listen HERE-


Brett is a skilled musician and filmmaker. He has worked with kids of all ages. He enjoys sharing his experience with others and having the unique opportunity to introduce kids to the amazing worlds of musical and visual expression. Click to view Brett’s Music Video for The Francis Lau Experience:


Multi-instrumentalist and native southern Californian, Dave Fox has been actively playing guitar, bass and drums in a verity of bands for over 15 years. He has also been recording himself and other various groups using his Tascam multi-tracking tape machines since 2006. As of 2018, he has become a proud-papa and is looking forward to sharing the gift of music with kids of all ages! Click here to hear Dave play with his band Traditional Fools.


Donn Spindt is our vocalist teacher. He also plays drums and sings for the American power pop band The Rubinoos that formed in 1970 in Berkeley, California. They are perhaps best known for their singles “I Think We’re Alone Now” (1977, a cover of the hit by Tommy James & the Shondells), “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend” (1979), and for the theme song to the 1984 film Revenge of the Nerds. Donn also plays piano, guitar, and teaches music theory. We are thrilled to have Donn apart of our great teaching staff. Sign up now for vocal lessons with Donn Spindt!


Eagret has been playing guitar since 1999, and has been in punk rock bands in the Bay Area since 2005. Eagret shreds with wild abandon and cathartic fervor, and is best known as guitarist of the East Bay noise rock/punk band Nopes, who formed in 2014. They are also involved with many other indie acts, including Yups, Meh, Moon & “h”. Eagret lives and breathes the intuitive language of music, with an ear for the spontaneous and freewheeling.


Harley is a guitar player, singer, songwriter and third generation teacher. He has been a touring musician for 15 years and is excited to share his passion for rock ’n roll, music history and teaching with the next generation. He teaches bands, and advanced guitar. You can hear Harley’s music here:


Jen is a devotee of all things musical. She began playing music at a young age, beginning with the recorder, and moving to cello, clarinet, piano, and guitar. She currently plays electric and upright bass, and sings, in several Bay Area groups. She has spent many years teaching young children music. Jen believes that we are all innately musical beings, and given a chance to express ourselves freely, we can easily let our musical selves shine. Through her teaching, Jen aims to inspire people of all ages to have fun making music together! Listen to Jen’s music here


Kathy spent a lot of time at Gilman Street in the 90’s watching kids rock out and thought, “I wanna do that!” She’s played drums in punk, indie, powerpop, and bubblegum bands ever since. She loves bands that don’t take themselves too seriously, but seriously rock. She’s excited to help inspire kids and share her love of music! Here she is on drums with The Pinkz and The Fevers.


Lia started playing shows in 2010 with different bands in Los Angeles at venues such as The Smell, Pehrspace, and Echo Curio. She continued performing in an art punk band called, Peter Pants, that had a prominent presence in the underground DIY scene. Along with the projects that she helped form, she has also been a touring musician with White Sea, Jerry Paper, and Kino Kimono. In 2011, she joined the band Le Butcherettes and recorded on their 2nd LP, “Cry Is For the Flies”. Lia has toured with her bands all over the world: Israel, Europe, Australia, and USA. She has experience opening for acts like Iggy and the Stooges, The Mars Volta, The Melvins, and The Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Group and played festivals such as Coachella, Neon Desert, and Rifflandia. She currently is working on her solo recording project, and plays with bands TR/ST and A Place To Bury Strangers. Watch Lia play drums and sing:


Ross Chait is a drummer, singer, songwriter and composer born and raised in Los Angeles. Growing up playing in bands and writing songs from the age of eight, he went on to study music and english at Oberlin College in Ohio. Since moving back to Los Angeles in 2013, he has been pursuing a career as a professional musician by writing film scores, doing studio and touring work as a drummer, writing songs for his own band Total Heat, working in music administration and distribution, and also teaching lessons. Over the past four years Ross has toured extensively as a drummer in the US, Canada, South America, Europe and Asia. Ross currently plays drums with the indie rock group Girlpool and is an administrative assistant at The John and Alice Coltrane Foundation. Most importantly, he continues to pursue his lifelong dream of touring the world and spreading love and knowledge of music.


Spencer Owings is an experienced, charismatic multi-instrumentalist from San Francisco. He has brought his fun-spirited energy to many Bay Area bands playing guitar, bass, drums, keyboards/synthesizers as well as singing and songwriting. Apart from playing, Spencer is a certified live sound and recording engineer who has been making records with local bands in his own DIY studio called Cosmic Jive (Link below). After playing countless shows and touring the West Coast and Europe over the last 5 years, he is ready to bring his knowledge and love for music to the young rockers of the Bay Area! Spencer is currently playing with local rock band Juicebumps playing synthesizer and drums


Theo is a singer-songwriter with experience in guitar and keyboard. From Berkeley, CA he has taught for the past year in both Berkeley and Oakland. With a background in rock and jazz guitar plus classical piano training, he hopes to introduce kids to playing rock and roll and cultivate a more enjoyable experience in his classes. Currently he is working on his own musical project “A Finch With no Name” but has not released any material yet.