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First meeting to gather information in a warm nonjudgmental environment to evaluate concerns or questions that the client brings to counseling. Diagnosis and treatment planning are addressed to determine what the counselor and client are going to work on together and what strategies will be used to achieve these goals.

$150 · 1 hour 15 minutes


Individual Counseling in a warm nonjudgmental environment for healing and growth toward transformation, addressing various issues such as anxiety, depression, anger, & adjustment in life transitions.

$125 · 50 minutes

Elizabeth Van Driel, LPC

I believe we all have within us the tools needed to live authentically. It is my privilege to journey with you to discover your own resources and profound meaning. I believe in a truth of more than psychological significance. I also utilize collaborative approaches with mindfulness, breath work, and attention to the relationship between thoughts, behaviors, feelings, actions, and a somatic experience. I will work with you actively and systematically exploring inwardly to discover the wholeness of your life. There is no lasting personal healing without an experience of meaning at the depth of one’s being. I partner with a Canine Therapy Animal, Bella, to provide care that can bring comfort and peace of mind while discovering and changing internal negative thoughts and beliefs. I incorporate animal assisted interactions when appropriate in order to support your journey.