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Swedish massage

Just your regular relaxation massage. 30, 45, 60, 75 or 90-minute sessions. Great help with stress management and insomnia. Prices start at $45 and end at $100 for a 90-minute session.

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Deep Tissue / Sports massage

For when you have a real stubborn knot, or you're just a person who's more interested in a therapeutic massage than a relaxing one. Prices range from $55 -$115

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Foot massage

30-minute foot massage with reflexology techniques.

$45 · 30 minutes

Hot Stone Massage

One of my favorites! Hot stone massage uses smooth rocks that are heated to about 120 degrees F. The heat from each stone dives deep into your muscles for effective and long-lasting muscle relief. Once you have a hot stone massage, you'll never go back to your regular massage routine. Prices range from $100 - $115

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Cold stone massage

Also one of my favorites. This type of massage is perfect for those sudden and painful issues like a crick in your neck or a charlie horse. The cold numbs the muscle and helps fight any unruly inflammation in that area. Sessions are $60 and $90 respectively.

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Mud Full-Body Wrap

Lay back and relax as this full-body bentonite clay mask does it's work. This treatment is great for the skin and the scalp and foot massage that comes with helps bring you to a state of deep, meditative relaxation. Prices start at $100 for an hour.

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Seaweed Full-Body Wrap

I use a specially formulated "no shower" seaweed mask. This nutrient-rich mask is great for the skin and is infused with a relaxing lavender scent. Lay back and relax in this wrap while your scalp and feet get a luxurious massage. Prices start at $100 for an hour.

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Cold Sheet (Heating) Wrap

The name of this service is a little confusing. This treatment involves a full body wrap in cold sheets and is insulated with a wool blanket. Be warned. This service is not for anybody with a heart condition. The initial wrapping is VERY bracing. But, as your body warms up the sheets, your body will relax and should produce a sauna effect. This treatment is great for anybody feeling a little stagnant and who wants to put some zing back in their lives. Comes with a scalp and foot massage.

$60 · 1 hour


This treatment uses guided meditation and hand gestures to help guide energy through the body. The idea is to break up any blockages in the body's energy system to bring about a more balanced and energetic way of living.

$30 · 30 minutes