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Service Call - Repair, Installation, Charge

$65 service call fee on all service calls. If there is a major repair service calls will be waived.

16 Options

Unit tune-up

Filter change, coil cleaned, drain line cleared, safety check, overall inspection.

$69.95 · 30 minutes

AC charge

Air conditioning freon charge of all types of freon (410A, R22, 407C, etc.)

$55 · 1 hour

Holiday Special Tune-up

Filter change, drain pipe clearing, coil cleaning, electrical safety troubleshooting, gas leak check, thermostat check, overall maintenance check of the furnace.

$59.95 · 1 hour

Ductwork And Vent Cleaning

Clearing and cleaning of ductwork and vents throughout entire house starting at $110 for 3 bedroom two bath home. (Standard ceiling)

$110 · 3 hours

New Or Used Unit Unit Replacement

Installation of new or used furnace or air conditioning units. All models horizontal, vertical or universal. Heat pumps, split AC, package units, hot water heaters, and more. Very competitive pricing and free estimates.

8 hours

Hot Water Heater Installation

Installation of all models of hot water heaters gas or electric.

30 minutes

Ignitor Replacement

Replacement of furnace ignitor.$65 service call fee waived.

$164.78 · 30 minutes

Additional Vent/Duct

$15 · 30 minutes

Weather Proofing

$45 · 30 minutes

Old Unit Removal Fee

$35 · 30 minutes

A/C Seasonal Tune Up

$69.95 · 30 minutes

AC Pre-season Tune-up

$59.95 · 30 minutes


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