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Your acupuncture treatment includes a detailed health assessment, acupuncture, cupping, other appropriate healing modalities, and customized lifestyle recommendations to support your health.

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Herbal Consultation

Your herbal consultation includes a detailed health assessment, your personalized herbal treatment plan, and lifestyle recommendations for optimal health. (Herbs are a separate cost. Online only.)

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Health Consultation

Support thriving full systems health with an online consultation. We'll discuss your detailed medical history, then provide lifestyle medicine, herbal recommendations, nutritional support, physical and mindfulness exercises, and supportive listening. (Online only)

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Yoga Private Session

Enjoy customized yoga classes just for you. Create individualized sequences, dive deep into specific poses, target pain points, and ignite your practice goals. 🌈 Deep dive with a 1- hour “Yoga Private Session,” either in person or online. 🌈 Add 30 min of focused yoga to your acupuncture treatment with “Yoga Add- On.” 🌈 Cultivate thriving mind- body- spirit wellness with “Yoga 5- pack”: five hour- long discounted sessions, either in- person or online.

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InterPlay Focus Session

Use InterPlay forms to investigate your challenges, successes and whatever you may want to research with a spirit of play. Explore supportive improvisational movement, vocalization, and story-telling to access your innate body wisdom. (Online or in- person)

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Tea Talks (invite only)

Tea Talks are ONLY by invitation. Thanks!

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